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First day on Exante went soooo wrong!!!

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Hi guys,
As some of you are aware I joined the forum yesterday after receiving my first months worth of Exante goodies. Instantly I knew I wouldn't be able to do this alone! Got some motivational posts yesterday so felt quite optimistic about today, my first day on the diet....
It began really well, made my shake, strawberry flavour, thought yep I can do this but it wasn't nice at all. Don't know what I did wrong but arghhh.... I didn't even like the smell. Put a soup and a bar in my bag for my training course because I wasn't sure which one to have. So off I went, armed with a bottle of water and a few mint tea bags lol. Didn't feel hungry at all this morning and resisted the tea and biscuits on the course then something terrible happened, they rolled in a beautiful buffet lunch!! I really didn't want anything but I felt too self concious to not eat with everyone else so I had a few nibbles :( I know I know... I'm bad!! I didn't want it but I didn't want to tell the people sitting with me that I was on a diet. I was embarrassed!!! It will be fine at work because I can stay in my classroom for lunch and don't need to explain myself to anyone! Anyway, came home and had my bar for dinner... Another yack!!!! But I ate it. Now in bed disappointed with my failure of a first day :-( Second day of the course tomorrow too ahhhhh....
Wish me luck
Nite x
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That wasn't a failure hun! You had a few nibbles.....no problem! I doubt that will have any effect on your loss for this week so dont worry.
Good luck for day 2 :)
Sorry you dont like the products, I dont like the soups or bars so I just have the shakes and drink them quickly so I dont have to really taste them!
People have said that after a little while their taste buds change and they start to enjoy the exante stuff!


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.............there are different ways to have the shakes that I find make them taste better but it involves ice, sweeteners & a blender so I don't know how feasible that would be whilst you are at work but when at home I urge you to try it as it does make a huge difference. Tomorrow is another day so please don't be too dissappointed...it takes a while to get into the groove so to speak. You will be fine. xx


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Try not to think of it as a failure. You did really well and actually started on the diet, yes, you had a few nibbles, but I bet you could have had a lot more, and when you got home you then had another pack (when you could have said to yourself, ah well, I'll have a dinner and start again tomorrow.) So I think you had a lot of successes today, and tomorrow you know you'll be in a better place to do even better.

I think our tastes do change a bit on this. I've never liked the tomato soups on this, always just downed them, but today I found myself almost enjoying it! I never thought that would happen!

Anyway, good luck tomorrow, hope you have a great day.
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Don't beat yourself up about it. It's your first day and you had a nibble it wasn't a full blown meal. I'm sure once your course is out the way you will have no problems at all and with having the months supply there you will do it as think of what it cost you and what you will get at the end of it! I have only been on exante for a week and im slowly getting used to the taste but I have found I like the choc one as hot chocolate and I divide the vanilla one down and add it to my coffee I also add curry powder or chilli to my soups and as for the bars I was unsure to start but now like them and the fruit and nut is my fav! Good luck and I bet you will still have a good loss.
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Thank you for all your advice and kind words. I really do need the encouragement at the mo!! Today was pretty much the same as yesterday, banana shake for brekkie which was just as vile as the strawberry one :) then a few nibbles on the course for lunch, came home looking forward to trying the soups, chose tomato flavoured one and OMG, all of a sudden the shakes aren't that bad lol. I only had half because I really couldn't stomach the rest, so had half a bar- toffee and raisin one- it was delicious!! I could just live on them?! I've saved the other half for later, my supper so to speak...
The good thing is I haven't felt hunger at all and I just cooked my son his tea, smells and looks lovely but I don't want any! I know I can do this and starting tomorrow, now my course is out the way, I will follow the diet properly. Having ordered a months worth, I've got to make sure I have some great results by the end of it to motivate me to continue. I just hope there is at least one soup and one shake that I enjoy so I can order the ones I like next time.
I didn't read you posts until this evening so haven't been able to try your suggestions yet but I will and I really hope it is true what they say, that your taste buds change. On the bright side I love the toffee bar so at least I can have that if the others get too much.
Just looked at your stats and wow you're all doing so well. Well done guys. And again, thank you so much for being supportive.
Tomorrow I will let you know how its gone, I promise to stick to it for at least the next 28 days :)



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Good luck Jemma. I'm about 4 days in, and it does get easier. The bars become tasty, and I just put too much water in the shakes so I can't taste them so much. The vanilla one is good hot with coffee and cinammon in it (trick I learned from the lovely people on here). The banana one is better cold. You'll be fine, just don't give up. If at any point you cheat, try and stick to higher protein, lower carb (although it's not a diet that's good to cheat on once you're in ketosis as it could bring you out of it and make you hungry again).
S: 11st3lb C: 11st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 26.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks for the tips, will def have to try those! I am determined to stick to it from tomorrow onwards, well I'll do my best anyway :) Your doing really well, keep it up and good luck xx


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Jemma, I have had false starts too ..its like everything and everyone is out there to throw you off your game. Just keep at it girl, you can do it. And the shakes, wel you will get used to them. Try them hot, cold, with spices, ice, frozen whatever it takes. I sometimes just glug mine down really quick. Also I find that adding more water dilutes the taste and really helps the most.

Theres no point in throwing your bicycle away because you fell of it and grazed your knee. Just hop on again tomorrow and you will have another go.

I love coming here and reading that everyone else has the same problems and together we can all get there in the end.
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Hi Jemma,

im on day 3 now but after tasting the choc/orange bar on day 1 I thought I was doomed to fail on this diet, but I then had vegetable soup for lunch and liked it which got me through to the evening. I then had the banana shake but I mixed it with the water in a pan, added a couple of sweetners and a couple of drops of vanilla essence and heated it up, it was a bit like custard and I managed to drink it all.

Yesterday I had the tomato soup for lunch and could only eat half as I thought it was vile. Again I started to feel dejected but I had a vanilla shake for dinner which i mixed in a blender with sweetners and ice and it filled up 2 glasses and I drank them with a straw, I get telling myself it was mcdonalds vanilla shake and I actually quite enjoyed them.

Today I had mushroom soup, it was dreading it but I actually enjoyed eat and did not have to add anything to it. Tonight I have chocolate shake and I think I may warm it up as lots of people on here say it's nice.

Last night at around 9pm my belly was rumbling sooo bad and I was getting peckish so I ate 3 thin slices of ham. I know chicken would have been better but I did not have any in.

I think we have to accept the fact the this diet is going to be very hard at times and I am going to say to myself that if I am ravenous and on the verge of maybe raiding the fridge then I will eat something suitable such as chicken etc, hopefully this will keep me on track.

I know you were on the course again today, hope you did ok. Dont beat yourself up. You can see by the replies that we have all nearly gone through these difficulties and you will get through it.

S: 11st3lb C: 11st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 26.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Well guys, you will be proud to hear that I have had a fantastic day! Choc shake for breakfast, which I had hot and wow that was amazing tip. I really enjoyed it. Had it in my thermal flask on my way to work. So yep, a lovely strt to my day. That was about 8ish. At half 12 I had a raisen and toffee bar with was great, my fav!! Felt hungry at about 2ish but nothing new there lol. Stayed later than usual at work because had stuff to do after being out for 2 days on the course so didn't get home til after 6. Then I had another tomato soup cuz I figured I might as well get the nasty stuff out the way first :) its now almost bedtime and I'm sipping a peppermint tea. Now you have got to admit that after my really rubbish start today has been fantastic. I told you I would be ok once I was at work!
Bobbi I'm going to read your post every time I feel like giving up lol. Cuz that just hits the nail on the head! And Trees... Vanilla essence is on the shopping list, I've got a feeling that's going to be added to every shake from now on.

Once again thanks for the encouragement. I'm feeling so much better today and probably would have given up Tuesday if it wasn't for you guys. Your all doing a fantastic job so keep it up. I will keep you updated. Its the weekend that will be my real test of willpower!! X x


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Jemma, you certainly have done fantastically! I on the other hand had a minor fall from the wagon, but went to the gym so hopefully it balances out! Let us know how the weekend pans out, remember if you stay on plan tomorrow, by mid-way through sat you might well not feel hungry at all, and by sun/mon you might be feeling very energetic (I seem to need less sleep on a vlcd, and feel more alert, it may be because parts of the brain prefer working on ketones rather than getting energy from carb sugars).

Good luck

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aww well done jemma! :) it's a great feelin when you're sticking to it. My first two days I cheated, but i've stayed on track for day 3 and 4 - feelin much happier! Even tho i am a little peckish tonight! ;) xx
You'll soon get used to lying on this diet, people are desperate to tell you it's wrong and bad and there's things like your buffet lunch where you don't want to tell the whole world you're dieting.

You can say you've got a huge meal out that night, you're not hungry, you've had porridge for breakfast and you're still stuffed, or best of all, you have a few allergies and don't eat out.... the list goes on. Have fun with it, make up something mental, tell them you know the caterers and they're nose pickers or something.

You'll get used to the taste of the shakes and stuff and how to tweak, the strawberry hot with some coffee in is really really nice, sounds wrong but it is x
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Just to add that it is Vanilla EXTRACT you need not essence,my mistake.
S: 11st3lb C: 11st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 26.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hey guys,

How are you all today? Hope you have had a great day! Sarah I wish I'd had your lying techniques the other day. I can't believe how embarrassed I felt just at the thought of telling these complete strangers that I was on a diet. I honestly couldn't do it. But I will def use one of your suggestions in the future. Biz, I really do think that once you get into it its not that bad. I mean its early days for both of us but after the last 2 days I feel like "I can do this!" Glad I wasn't on my own with the first couple of days lol. V, I hope my body reacts the same as yours, I could really do with a burst of energy. Always shattered but thats not the diet, its just the way I am lol.

Anyway, let me tell you about today... I have had a fab day! You will think I'm mad but I had tomato soup for brekkie lol. I did say I'm getting the nasty stuff out the way! But it actually wasn't that bad today. I put it in my flask and drank it on the way to work. I don't know if it was because I couldn't see it or because I couldn't smell it or maybe because I didn't really think about it cuz I was driving but it really was ok, not delicious but I drank it without feeling sick! I think I will do this with all my soups from now on....
I had the yack orange bar for lunch and yep that is still vile... there is nothing I can do to improve that!
However, I used your great tips with my shake which I'm still drinking now. Added LOTS of ice, like the whole tray approx. 12 pieces :) and I added the vanilla extracts that Trees suggested (thanks Trees) and OMG it is beautiful, I am thoroughly enjoying it! I have also drank more water today because I knew I wasn't having enough. Last night I was craving milk! I couldn't believe it, of all the things to crave it was milk?! But this vanilla shake is quite milky so thats curbed that one.

I did do one stupid thing though, I stepped on the scales last night to see if anything has changed and it looks like those first 2 days where I cheated has spoilt it a bit (or a lot?) because my weight hasn't changed at all. I did originally feel a bit annoyed that I haven't lost anything but it has given me the kick up the whatsit I needed to stay on the diet and not cheat again. As I said yesterday, the weekend I'm dreading because I know what I'm like but I do have a lot to do so maybe if I stay busy I will be ok. I'll keep you all informed anyway...

Well thats my feedback for the day :) Please let me know how your all getting on, your success will keep me going!

Have a lovely weekend, stay strong and def buy a thermal flask for the soups lol...

Jemma x x

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