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first day on Rosemarys fat attack

Thanks for replying! only prob is that I dont really like green veg! Im trying to have a cup of tea with a sweetner when im hungry and making sure I eat as much veg that I do like!
Day 2 now - Yesterday was easier than first thought!
try drinking water too, I didn't like water to be honest but it does help a lot and you kinda get used to it after a bit!!!

Glad day one wasn't so bad and it will all be worth it when you get on the scales next week!

Anytime you need a bit of support there is usually someone about (although SarahG31 is busy planning her wedding so won't be about for a couple of weeks or so). Katie has just completed week one too so she may be able to advise you a little.

Good luck


gunna be a fatty for ever
yes im deffo around to give u a little advice!

Just had my first weigh in yesterday and i lost 6lb! So im a newby to RC and i love it already!

Planning is the key! After day 3 i found it a doddle! I even went on a day trip to the zoo which would have usually resulted in a bread crips and choccie binge and thats just the journey there hehehe!!

Its quite a quiet part of the forum but i come an have a nosey every day hehehe

hope ur havin a fab day!

Love katie
i find it reasonably easy as there is no food groups banned as such, and there are loads of things I can still eat eg - sausages! sainsburys bgty ones are 3% fat! 6lbs is brilliant, im hoping for 3 or 4 when I weigh on monday.
Do you think on saturday as I get up later etc, to save my power snacks till the evening and have some popcorn instead of fruit for same calories? x


gunna be a fatty for ever
I dont think it matters what order you eat stuff im not sure about swapping fruit for a pop corn tho! Id say now cos popcorn isnt really going to give you any power and the first two weeks r reallt strict! Im sure sarah the expert will be along to help you soon!! heheh

hows your day gone?

Im sure sarah the expert will be along to help you soon!! heheh
Expert indeed - you made me laugh

Yes you can have your power snack later in the day, but you will probably find that you still need it at the usual times even if you get up late!! I wouldn't advise swapping your power snack for popcorn for the first 2 weeks. As far as i'm aware popcorn has no real nutritional value and isn't it above 5% fat? Try to leave it until week 3 if you can when you can have your 100 calorie treat that is over 5%.



gunna be a fatty for ever
how did u get on holly?

i love finding stuff thats 5% or less fat! i look a rite nutter in suppermarket! takes me ages to get round!

Is the snack a jacks pop corn below 5%? never really had popcorn

I have not been being the greatest tbh! struggling without chocolate and other naughtys! have given in to a kit kat a couple of times! feel smaller though!
tomorrow night to keep myself satisfied I am having asda low fat veg filled pasta (270 cal 2.8% fat) for a half pack and then some ww garlic bread which is under and will make it up to 400 cal! Then gonna have chopped fruit and yoghurt after as will save a power snack and dont have all my milk anyway x


gunna be a fatty for ever
come on holly i know how u r feelin!! Its tough but week can do it!!

whens your weigh day???



gunna be a fatty for ever
hows it going hun?

have u had your first weigh in yrt?

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