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first day on SS+.. advice please?!

hey! I'm pretty run down and not feeling well, and have been struggling huge amounts with not eating so today - the first day of week 9 - i have taken the plunge and am beginning SS+.

Any hints and tips? I know its either 4 packs and milk, or 3 packs and a meal but I really really want milk and food so is it possible to have slightly less food and still the 200ml milk??

Also, did anyone notice a stall in weight loss, moving from SS to SS+ with the body getting used to that bit extra, or did it pretty much continue the same?

Much love! xx
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Hmm. Just my opinion, but I'd say have some skimmed milk anyway - I'm guessing you want it for the odd cup of tea? - and don't even think about reducing food quantities.

There are 42 calories in 100ml skimmed milk which is, I'd say, around about enough for 3 - 4 cups of tea.

Oh, and the impact on losses moving from SS to SS+ is pretty negligible too. Maybe a quarter to half a pound a week, if that. Well worth the sacrifice if it helps you stick to the plan. :)

Try it - and see what happens. An additional 42 calories will have just about zero impact on losses, methinks.
Ok brill thank you for the advice! :D
I would say either just have the milk as Lily says or the milk and the extra pack . I did SS+ with both the food and the extra shake , and found the food just made me want more , where as the extra shake really really helped me , gave me more energy , stopped me feeling hungry etc .. and didnt slow down my losses at all :)
hmmm tempting, as I have gone a bit overboard and probably veered closer to 810 portion than SS+!!! I'll have to give it a couple more days and see if I can be more controlled, and if I can't - 4 shakes it is!!


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Wouldn't be a disaster even if you do end up doing 810 though. Losses on 810 are still pretty good. I think there are a fair few people around doing 810 and losing nicely.
iv been on the diet for 4/5 weeks now (time has flown i cant remember) and im doing ss+. but this past week iv moved from doing 3 shakes and a meal a day to 4 shakes and milk in my coffee. i cant handle right now the prospect of food. i kept on binging and slowing my weight losses down - as u can see iv only lost 8lbs so far :( but this week its all changed. i know iv lost this week, and cant wait for my weigh in on thursday. im hoping for at least a 4lb loss this week . heres hoping

good luck
I have done SS+ since I started and always have skimmed milk in my coffee along with the extra meal. I don't think it's made any difference to my losses as ive lost 2 stone and my OH has lost 3 stone doing the same!
Hi felix, what do you have for a meal??
I am really confused about the ss+ and 810 difference.
I am not sure if I could be that controlled, it wouldn't even be meat, I would want a plate of veg!! Oh the things you wish for, tehe.
haha yeah controlling salad quantities seems a bit problematic! also I don't own kitchen scales so just divide the weight it says on the packet by x amount and then divide up the food accordingly so essentially I make an educated guess on the weights!! I underestimate rather than overestimate though. I am enjoying having food to look forward to and a nice morning coffee is too good to miss out on!

I think SS+ quantities are roughly half of 810 quantities (from what I can see by the weights) and also if you struggle with the whole 'tablespoon of salad/veg' thing, by CDC said for SS+ it's 1 oz of veg which is a lot easier to work out! (just under 30g)

thanks everyone I hope that I can wean myself onto food, its best to start developing my levels of self control around food, and I hope my losses are the same! heres hoping! xx

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