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Attack First day tomorrow

Ok - so I've been shopping and stocked up on diet food, had a bit of a blow out this evening and tomorrow is the first day.

I've made my galette for breakfast - not the prettiest looking thing but it doesn't taste too bad - I've added some vanilla essence hoping this is allowed.

Boiled a couple of eggs, cooked some chicken (some favured with soy sauce and some with lemon and pepper) and have that and some prawns (with lemon juice and chilli) and some yoghurt for work, and a bit of lemon juice to flavour up some water (not strictly allowed but I'll go mad with out some flavouring!!)

Then some mince with some onion and maybe some chilli for dinner.

How does that sound???

Choccie x
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Just keep swimming...
Wow you are organised!! I am starting tomorrow too and so far have:

errrm bought some eggs.

That's it unfortunately. Will go shopping after breakfast though.


Having another go....
guys - seriously - you dont need luck with this one - make sure you have lots of potein-y foods to snack on and soon you wont know where your weight has gone! stay focussed...
OK, so galette for brekkie (quite nice! I added some vanilla essence).

Prawns, chicken and fat free yoghurt for lunch.

Mince beef hash things with curry powder and a bit of onion for dinner.

My main problem today has been missing lime cordial, so I have to admit I did have a little earlier - is this really bad??

Someone bought in loads of yummy food & cakes today (I won't elaborate in case it makes you drool!) it was hard, BUT I resisted!!!!!
I did that too but was desperate by the end of the day.

The other thing I realised is the vanilla extract I am using has alcohol and sugar in - guess I'm supposed to use the real thing? Or is it so little it doesn't matter?
I have :D It looks like I've lost a bit but I pigged out a bit before I started so it may not be real weight loss
We're supposed to use water based flavourings, no alcohol, no sugar and no oil.
I've used a gorgeous Madagascan vanilla extract from Sainsbury's. It's alcohol based but I do use so little (I use a syringe with minute quantity markers), around 0.3mls a serving. I've tried other vanilla flavourings but find the Madagascan one so much more superior in flavour and I'm no A.A. Gill.
On days when I really need a little lift I've used a Sicilian lemon or a Valencia orange flavouring, these are oil based. Again, I've used minute amounts and these at one a day.
Each to his own. If you find you're losing weight and you're using these items then there's really no harm. The goal is to lose weight not to punish yourself.
On the other hand, if you want to be a purist then I'd avoid the alcohol, sugar and oil flavourings.


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