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First LL Meeting tonight - ekkk

Hello everyone. :wavey:
This is my first thread although I have been lurking here for a while. Reading many of your diaries and achievements has inspired me to sign up for LL. I have my first meeting tonight and I am excited and nervous all in one. :confused:
What can I expect from the meeting??
I feel at a slight disadvantage because I am joining the group a week late (I was on holiday last week). Will that matter?
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Welcome to Minimims Wicked Witch!!!

You'll find this is a GREAT motivation tool for your LL journey.

Check in everyday and begin to post about your ups and downs. It really has helped me, and dont think I would be here today if it wasn't for this forum. Id probably still be 4 stone and a half heavier!

Everyone is so friendly and will offer advice, guidance and support through both the ups and downs.

Well done for choosing LL - it is and WILL be a LIFE CHANGING experience.

Stick to it, and keep picturing the new you! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

You will be AMAZED at how quickly time flies, AND how quickly you begin to feel the difference, and more importantly, OTHER people see and compliment you on the difference!

Its a great opportunity, and you're going to do great!!!
Hi there wicked witch, so tonight's the big night then. I really enjoyed my first class, although I was a tad nervous about meeting new people, but everyone was in the same boat and were all really friendly. We got weighed first and then bought our foodpacks for the week and then we all had our 'before' photo's taken which we aren't allowed to see until week14, so can't wait to see the difference. Our LLC then just gave us tips and encouraged us all for the week ahead. When I came back from the meeting I was buzzing, really excited about starting the diet. So good luck for tonight, I'm sure you will love it and let us know how you got on.


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I did LL back in the day when they didn't have these new fangled DVD's and thingies so I don't really know!! We all just chatted, got weighed, pictures, did the first excerise in the book (they are all different now though) and that was about it!!

Don't worry.....it'll be great. I loved my group!

Ohh thanks for making me welcome Tommey and Tenney.
Yes I sent in medical form a few weeks ago to secure my place in the group. The Practice nurse I saw was great she knew some other patients who had done LL and thought it was a great program. I didn't know I had to have my photo taken - thanks for letting me know. Better make sure I've got some lippy on - don't want to frighten myself when I see it.
I love the idea of posting about feelings on here. I haven't told many people that I am starting LL. I don't know why but I think they may be quite judgemental. Did anyone have any negative reactions from Friends and Familly when they told them about LL ??


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As others have said - LL rocks and will change your life ! It changed mine ! Think others have covered your questions. We also did the lemon exercise on the first evening so you can see how powerful your mind's influence is.

It is a bit hectic as there is a lot to do and everyone has questions but its good to get to know your LLc and the group. You also get your LL bag, shaker and stuff and your Foundation book which you do exercises from every week.

Hope your meeting is good - let us know !
Welcome WW!! I started a week late too and felt a bit odd that others all new each other but you get that in any group! It always takes a few weekd for people to open up & feel comfortable! Just to warn you that the first week can be tough so come on here when you're struggling. I wouldnt have got through the irst seven days without the support from here & advice when I felt low so do ask, people are more than happy to help! Let us know how it goes!


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Hi Wicked Witch - well done on choosing to do LL... the weeks will fly by! As other people have said, you'll get weighed and measured tonight and have your photo taken and get to chat to all the people who are in the group. As you're joining in week 2 it'll be that bit less chaotic than the usual week 1 where everyone is having everything done. You'll then watch a dvd and have a counselling session ... the 2 hours do fly by but I'm sure you'll enjoy it -- are you starting your packs tomorrow?

Hi Wicked Witch and Welcome to the forum :) I think people have answered your questions already. I started a week late as well and wasn't a big deal as all the ladies in my group are really nice and made me feel welcome. Hope it all goes well tonight, let us know how you get on

Hi Wicked W,

Welcome aboard. Can't really top all the useful bits of info you have been given already.

My only advice is put your all into this, and I am sure you will get to the goal you want.

Some days will be easier than others but take each day, and sometimes if it's tuff each part of the day at a time. When you step on the scales next week you will know you are on your way. :scale:

Take Care, and keep posting

Sam :wavey:

ps in answer to your original question, me and another lady joined together and we didn't really have a week one and two as group then ended and I joined a group two weeks on. It has been fine and met a nice bunch of people


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ooh just sending positive vibes your way for tonights meeting :D

You'll be fine, you won't regret joining. Lighterlife really will give you a lighter life :p :p
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Hi Wicked Witch , well done for choosing LL and for finding Minimins you have just taken two of the most important steps to becoming the slimmer person you want to be.
Dont worry about joining on week 2, you will probaly find someone else will be new as well, and in my group (I also joined on week 2) people joined on week 3 as well, so dont think they all will be settled and bonded or anything. Its actaully nice to join on the 2nd week becuase the people who have just done thier 11st week will be more than happy to give you thier first week stories and tips that might help you cope with yours.
Good Luck with your journey and dont forget someone is always here to help so never suffer alone, you just yourself got loads of friends who know just what you are going through, so just ask. Keep us up to date we are a real nosey bunch! LOL
Love Carole:)
Hi Wicked Witch

I look forward to hearing how you get on. Much like you I've been lurking in the background reading everyone's experiences. I've got my first meeting on Friday, had to delay for a week because of the bank holiday, so I'm really looking forward to getting going.

Great to read everyone's tales and advice.
Good luck



has started again!!
Hi Wicked Witch,

Thinking of you at your first meet. I joined on week2, so missed out on the lemon stuff ??? But other than that there has been no disadvantage at all. The first few days can be quite trying, and there will probably be times when you feel like giving in, but jump onto Minis, and you are guaranteed to find the help you need!!

Best of luck, and keep us posted!
Well I'm back and I loved it. Of course that was the easy bit now I have to actually start abstaining :eek:
The group were really friendly and most of them assumed that I had been there last week anyway. Another girl started today too so I wasn't alone. There are some real characters in the group so I know I am going to enjoy going.
Coming home and looking at all my food for next week in a little hessian bag is quite scarey but with the weight losses that the rest of the team had tonight I KNOW I can do it too!
I'm actually quite curious as to what the foodpacks taste like :drool: ....maybe not
Nite nite everyone - thank you all so much for your words of encouragement.
Glad you enjoyed it and good luck for tomorrow - hope it goes great for you. It is strange I know seeing a weeks worth of food in a little bag .... you'll soon get used to that.

I'm glad you enjoyed your meeting :) I think the food packs are ok but remember if you don't like any you can always pop back to your LLC and swap them for the ones you do like :)
Thanks Samantha. So far breakfast has been a Raspberry shake. I was surprized that they weren't bigger. I suppose I had images of Little Chef sized milkshake :cry:

The taste does linger a bit doesn't it. I usually prefer savory to sweet so I think I may well go back to swap a few.
Good news is that my LLC has checked with head office and I can still take gaviscon for acid reflux. Hopefully the problem will go away as soon as I loose my first half stone - it usually does.
I mix my shakes with about 10 ice cubes and less water which makes them icy and thick and I think a little more filling than when mixed with straight water. Don't think it changes the flavour but something a little different. Have you got a popin organised later in the week? Thats when i could change mine over and get my bars :)

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