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First meeting and a little dissapointed


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Had my first meeting last night and although my counsellor seems very nice i was the only person to turn up .I did cambridge last year but regained alot of my weight Thought i'd give LL a go because of the counselling but i ended up sat watching a dvd on my own Hope its better next week as feel a bit lonely and as its day one very hungry
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Hi Poppys,

I'm sorry you had a bad experience. As far as I am aware he/she should have a minimum of 7 people to be able to start a group. I'm sure the other people are due to start over the next couple of weeks. Have you asked your LLC as to why you were the only one there?


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thats a bit strange . did the LLC explain why you were the only one there?
daisy x


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There was supposed to be one other person but she failed to arrive ,and everyone else didn't return there forms.She said she has 3 weeks to fill up the group but i chnged from cd for the group support which so far is lacking


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Give it time Poppys. There is still plenty of time. You could use these weeks with less people to get some one-on-one with your LLC. Please don't give up. Once you have the full quote things will really improve, I promise. At least you have us as well. No one else in my group uses a forum like this so I really think I have the upper hand on them. Mwahaha!!
We started with only 3 as some didn't turn up but on the third week more started so we are now 8. Hopefully more will come along soon and you'll have a head start on the weight loss!


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lol becky
i too think being a member here is what has made LL work so well for me. i don't understand why more people aren't here!
daisy x


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I am starting LL next Wednesday (13th) I am not starting the foodpacks until 27th but my LLC wants me to start the CBT with the rest of the group - there are 4 of us to-date.

For about 3 months there was only me and 1 other guy in my group.

Stick with it, I've found that my LLC gives me all the advice I need anyway, the other guys that are now in the group are not really supportive of each other (But maybe that's cos we are guys? Who knows!)

Either way, you only get from this programme what you put into it - so long as your LLC runs the sessions, you see the DVDs and you eat only the packs, you will lose the weight - you don't need others in a room once a week to make it happen! :)


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I thought they were going to stop the videos??


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I've not seen a dvd since the beginning and I'm on week 16!!!


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No DVDs here either.
I've never had a DVD but I thought that was 'cos it was something they only show the ladies' groups? Though from what I hear about the DVD, you ain't missing much!

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