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First Meeting...

I think I'm gonna go to a meeting tomorrow night... I've always just followed it at home, but it's not working.

So... What should I expect? I suppose I'm worried about people not being nice or something. What goes on at a meeting? I know there are answers to these questions on the website but I thought I'd ask people who have experienced it first hand.
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firstly you'l walk in.. and everyone will turn around and smile at you.

Your as welcome there as everyone else, so take a deep breath.. and say hi to your new consultant.. she'l hand you your new pack, ask you to fill out your forms, and jump in the que.

you'l get weighed, they'l fill out your book with your starting weight and you'l sit back down. Then your consultant will come and sit with you, and any other new members to go over the plan with you.... then when everyones weighed, she'l begin 'image therapy' which is essentially a big talk about how everyones doing, giving recognition for weight losses, and giving advise to those who might need it that week.. and i expect she'l be sure to go over the plan in some form or another just to extra help you.. now that its so close to xmas my C usually goes over xmas tactics, meal plans etc if you plan to stick 100% or advise on how to stay on top of it if you want a day off :)

then there will be a raffle, some certificates.. and you'l go home, motivated :)

remember to always ask if your not sure.. xxx


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The bit that took me by surprise and a bit of getting used to is the clapping after everyones weight change is revealed. 20 members 20 lots of clapping lol. Your consultant will have loads of the recipe books for you to look through as well as buy. The scales always make me heavier than my home ones so don't be disappointed or upset that you weigh more than you think. Our group is mad mad mad and we have quite a laugh. Just enjoy xx
I wish that we only had 20 lots of clapping...(sigh).

But not every meeting will be the same. We have taster evenings quite regularly, where everyone brings in something syn free or very low syn for us all to try, and you'll get lots of ideas and inspiration from that.

The hardest part is walking in for the first time, and you'll only have to do that ONCE. At our group, there are new starters almost every week of the year, so you won't feel on your own for long.

Good luck - hope it goes well. Do let us know how you get on.


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You won't regret it! GO! (and then come on here and tell us how much you enjoyed it :p)
Everyone will be nice to you, the best thing is that we are all there for the same reason. There will be young and old, big and small, female and possibly some males and even some younger members.
You will be welcomed that's for sure. If you give the consultant a call before you go then she will look out for you even though all consultants look out for new members anyway, it's nice to be expected.
Also, go as early as you can - eg if the meeting is 5.30 to 7 then do go at 5.30 so you can have time for the consultant to go through the plans with you.
The normal class involves a 45 min weigh in, some members go early so they can have a chat (you'll get to know people soon enough) and some turn up a minute before the end of WI and then there will be 45 mins of Image Therapy which is where the consultant goes round the group and talks to each person discussing their loss or gain. Your weigh is NEVER revealed.

Enjoy it, I love my group, we have such a laugh and I have found some fab friends there.

Good luck, let us know how you get on.
Well, the meeting is tonight at 6:30. I have to go because, if I don't I know I will be so depressed at the thought that I will allow myself to be overweight for the rest of my life. Plus I might feel like I'm letting my boyfriend down, despite the fact that he's supported me whenever I've been on SW and ignored whenever I've fallen off the wagon. Plus I had him on Google Maps last night for about 15 minutes showing me how to get to the meeting on foot!

It's December 1st as well, I think I'll tale that as a sign too.

I'm just so nervous! I know I will have to force myself down to the cashpoint and then to the meeting. Am I right in saying it costs £10 at the moment to join? Will there be anything else I'll have to pay for like books or magazines or anything?

I should get home at 5:30ish so I'll have a nice hour to worry in. :p I've already bitten a nail off writing this... And I stopped biting my nails when I was 15!:eek:
Bless you hun but this will be the hardest meeting, only that it takes such courage to go but you will be fine.
It is a tenner to join. You don't have to buy books and mags, although there may be some there to buy if you wish but I think you'll have enough to read tonight.
Go for it girl!

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PinkToaster - take a bit more money - you might want to try Hi-Fi bars (chocolate as a Healthy Extra - bargain!) and buy the magazine for inspiration & tips (plus raffle and other bits if you have them at yours - we don't anymore)

Oh and our newbies get weighed AFTER the image therapy and the meeting - so don't worry if your consultant doesn't push you on the scales! Just try and take as much of her 'talk' in as possible though most of it will go over your head and we'll help you on here! It's a lot to take in and my consultant talks REALLY fast, lol.
No-one will stare at you or judge you, they'll just want to know who's joining their group this week! This is the first day of the rest of your slimmer life! :D


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I had my first meeting last week. It was fine. The clapping after every weight loss is announced can get a tad tedious after a while but the rest is quite motivating.

My consultant saw me walk in, knew i was a newbie immediately and made a bee line to me. She made me a cuppa, went through the plans then i got weighed and stayed for Image therapy.
The Hifi bars are yummy especially the lemon one. The maple syrup one is not so good.


Good luck x
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Hi Pinktoaster, go for it you will be absolutely fine.

I have been working up to it for years and only got a final push by my GP giving me SW vouchers and saying they had to be used within 4 weeks. It is probably the most sensible thing I have ever done (and not at all as bad as I thought!). DEfinately having a weigh-in day helps to keep me focussed, I don't think I could do it on my own.

I am pretty shy but people will chat to you if you make the effort, and by the second week, I wasn't the newest anymore and that helps you to settle in.

Hope it goes well, Suzanne :)
You should thoroughly enjoy your first meeting. After all, you have a head start on most of the newbies - you've already started losing weight on SW, and you have found this lot on here!!!!!!

I've found that I know more than other people at my group because of this site. I love that they think that I'm smarter than I am, because I steal all of the good ideas off this site!!!!

So to everyone whose ideas I've stolen - THANK YOU!!!!!

P.S. By the way, if anyone asks me, I do say that I got it off a website. Am not too sure if my consultant would like me 'advertising' Minis.
Okay. I'm gonna go. I'm going to leave in 4 minutes. Very nervous, but hey... It's something to do while the boyfriend's at work!
Thanks so much for all your encouragement... I will pop back after with an update on how it went.

It says on the SW website that my consultant is male. And the meeting is held in a pub! Lol!

I think I'll go now.
Bye! Fingers crossed!
Well, I went! Everyone was nice, although there was one point where I was like.... I wanna go hooome! But then I started chatting and it was fine. There were lots of before and after photos around! I bought a cookbook and some mint choc HiFi bars for my elevenses tomorrow. And I got the password for the site so I'm happy :)

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Starting again!!
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Oooh well done you!!! Glad you went - now for the easy bit ;)

My SWC had a hot flush tonight - we have our meetings in a rugby club and the HOTTEST cutest guy walked in trying to get to the changing rooms! PWOAR!!! Sadly not in shorts, but hey it was cold out there!
Haha, the male in question was a little older than my type ;) But he was friendly and that's all that matters.

I honestly thought I was going to have to walk past the bar with all the people having a drink! But it was in a conference type room at the back with a separate entrance. Anyway, I think the pub was closed!

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