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First post on the CD section

This is my first post I have started on the CD section.

I have madthe major decision to start on CD as of 30th March 2009 :D:D

two kids in two years has done absolutly nothing for my figure but that IS all changing.

I will be slim and I will be slim soon.
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Thank you oinkstop
of course we will. I predict several moody strops from me tho
Good luck purplepixie, everyone on here is really supportive!! We are all in this together!!

I know what you mean about the effect of having two kids on ya body!! I have got 2 girls whp I had nineteen months apart and I look completely different (by that I mean somewhat bigger) than I did pre pregnancy days!!!

Look forwrad to getting to know you Le xxx

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Well done on a big decision and a great one! :) to post here.. and to start CD! :D

Babies are a blessing.. but they do leave things behind don't they! lol

I'm sure you'll be kicking your baby weight into touch soon ((hugs)) and enjoying them more for it! :D
Good Luck .. i am new to CD today is my 1st day ... you sound really positive and ready to get going and losing those lbs xx


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I also had my two children 18 months apart. I put 5 sonte on with my first & hadn't got it all off before I got pregnant again.
As soon as Milo popped out I was ready to be thin again.
Pregnancy is awful with regards to weight, so I feel your pain.....

Good luck hun, it really isn't that difficult once you get into it. x
I had my girls 21 months apart. To be honest I was overweight before I had my first but not by loads BMI was 27.2 I piled on a fair bit but after number 1 was born i slimmed down to a size 16 for my wedding butwas starting to gain it back when I then fell pregnant with number 2. Number 2 I was good with and a week after birth i was in size 18 jeans within a week and was doing well then it all seemed to go to hell. Picking, eating crap and generally just being a pig.

The weight is piling on and it must stop, I have to sort this once and for all, break my habits surrounding food and get down to a healthy weight and stay there.
Well today I had my weight and measure with the CDC. A bit of good news I am actually 244lb compared to the 257lb I was at my GP's 6 weeks ago. The modifying my portions and trying to use legs more and car less has obviously done some good. we have not set a firm target but something between 9st 8 and 12st is 'normal' for my height so I am aiming for 10st or 140lb. This may change if I feel I have lost a bit too much weight.


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welcome Purplepixie, good to have you on board, the more the merrier I say. I'm also recovering from having a child (cept mine is nearly 21 now !!!) lol my body just never got over the shock lmao
Hi Purplepixie, I'm starting tomorrow so will be right there with you! I have twins and now they are four the "I've just had twins" excuse is wearing very thin lol!

Anyway I am absolutely determined to do this, I do not want to be fat for the rest of my life. I know the diet is tough but it's just a few months out of my life and hopefully it will help me to modify my eating habits ready for the rest of my life.
thats is much my thoughts, a little bit of deprevation for a few months in my life andin return Iget a lifetime of happyness with my size and bodyshape.
Hi. Good luck with your weight loss. This really is the best place to come to when you need some motivation.
Im starting tomorrow also, so will look out for your updates on this site. I have two children 8 years apart, thought it would be easier having a big age gap but how wrong I was. Hubbi off to Afghan on Wednesday for 6 months so im actually thinking it will be so much easier to diet with him not here. I call him my fat feeder as he is always offering me nice foods (he is a Chef) but I will mess him heaps.

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