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First Slip up in 7 weeks!


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My dad come over last night & because Im on slimming world, he thought it would be great to treat us to a chinese takeaway. I dont understand him!

I sort of ate a little of everything
2 duck roll things
a little chow main
a little lemon chicken
beef & black bean sauce
mushooms & bamboo shoots
some plain rice

My weigh in is on monday, just wonted to know what to expect at weight in. I had been good this week
Im not planing on being naughty again for a very long time! Just have to drink lots of water & hope for the best.
Im very worried :(
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I found before SW that Chinese food just made me bloat and retain water because it was so salty. So I would just expect a temporary gain due to bloat and water retention and move on. That way, if you do gain a little you are expecting it and if you don't, it will be a bonus. But that's just me personally of course!

Just get back on track from now and don't punish yourself for it (i.e. don't reduce your syns, etc).


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Doesnt sound like you did as bad as you could have to me! Just draw a line under it - its done, now forget it.

Maybe your dad just had heard all the stuff about "if you are having takeaway chinese is the best when on a diet". Could have been worse - he could have bought an Indian. Loads more calories and for me much harder to resist.

Hope your weigh in doesnt suffer

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Did you enjoy it??? Draw a line under it hun and get back to it! You may lose, sts or gain on Monday - let's hope for a loss - but if not get back on it, you've done so well and know SW works! xx


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My Consultant always says "it's one meal out of 21, it won't ruin your weight loss so just get back on the horse the next meal".

Draw a line under it, drink lots of water to prevent water retention and get back on the plan!


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I agree, draw the line and move on. One meal in a week isn't going to cause too much damge but that one meal turning into a 'sod it, I've blown it now' binge would do a lot of damage!

Got to love parents. When visiting my Dad, he asked what I would like him to do for lunch as he knew I was SW'ing. I said chicken with salad would be ideal. Except it wasn't - he did deep fried chicken nuggets with an assortment of ready prepared salads in oil and mayo! He was pleased that he had been so helpful! Grrrrrrrrrr!


Wishing and hoping!
at the end of the day what is happened is done, no point buting wasted energy in sometrhing that can be unfixed. just but a line under it and just ocncetrate on today and doing your best. the diet is for life and you can still lose and sometimes its just good to have a blow out because you then can have a look at your persepctives and why you want to lose the weight :)


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What you did is what i would call reality. This is how life is and SW is about having an awareness of what and when we eat. Having an odd Chinese meal is what really happens in life. What is not normal is if you do it every other day. Just remeber the occasion for what it was . . a nice meal with your dad xx


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Hi everyone,
Thank you for all the good advice. Im sticking to the plan, just wont to see a loss. I would have liked to have a little chocolate today, but I dont feel that I should because of the chinese. Will have some after weigh in on monday
Have a great sunday everyone
to anyone with children it so hard seeing the children with all their chocolate, some how mine have ended up with loads this year!


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My C told me 'Try not to put to much pressure on yourself, look at it as a long term eating plan rather than a diet then hopefully it might help curb the binges' and she is so right!!

Its always Chinese I 'slip up' on, but I dont do it all the time, but I do love a Chinese buffet, try to have tons of veggie dishes, and I love seafood, they always have tons of prawns and mussels, and noodles and not have too much battered stuff, but accept that if I do pig out I might not lose that week.

The thing is.... I always stick to plan right up to the meal, and always go straight back on plan, after the meal. I dont reduce my syns because of it either.

Sometimes I still lose and sometimes I sts, but I haven't gained because of it, because I dont believe in starving myself, because of it...to try and make up for it, because when I have done that, I feel deprived and want to binge more, and have also gained!

This is a life change, and were gonna go out for meals occasionally as part of our lifestyle, its all about moderation. Dont beat yourself up or feel guilty, enjoy it for what it is, and just dont fall of the wagon!

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