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First stone done and dusted! (plus i cheated)


Always welcome new m8's!
BEFORE anyone jumps on me, im not saying go cheat, you will lose weight still! Thats not what im saying.
But what i am saying is dont lose hope if you do slip up.
I have a problem thats gonna take some time to get past and thats comfort eating. When im down and depressed, i turn to food.
Luckily for me with this diet im happy with healthy, low carb food so when i did slip, it wasnt a disaster!
I past my first stone milestone today and im happy. I am happy with 16lbs in just over 2 weeks.

So have hope and never give up complelty! Mentally give urself a lecture then jump back on the bandwagon:D
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well done! it doesn't sound like you cheated much - either way, i'm really impressed!:):):)
Well done - that's a fab loss in just 2 weeks



Always welcome new m8's!
Thank you! Feel so much better for it, bring on 2nd stone!!
Well done you! Well done for losing and well done for getting back on the wagon after the cheat!
well done on reaching that first stone milestone
Well done on your loss. Stick with it and you could make your 3 stone target for your hols - 2 months = 2 stone loss so you can definitely do it.

Glad to hear your cheating was healthy!!!!!



Always welcome new m8's!
Like i said not saying its a good thing to cheat but ya know lol, im being careful
I need a post like that -previous diets have gone to pot because I've freaked about a wobble. Good for you for beating that trap and getting on with it.

Well done on your loss.
I slipped up yesterday and felt terrible, but I was working away, and my last flight home was cancelled on Friday night, so had to get a flight last night instead, and I'd only taken my shakes for the day.
I didn't pig out.
Only had some chicken, as I had to eat something, but also a few of my friend's crisps (which I really regret but I was starving) but I'm really worried I've messed up.

I thought about giving up, but after my shake this morning, I'm going to stick with it, and if I haven't lost this week, then I will just start afresh on my next weigh in on Wednesday.
In the future I will take extra shakes with me when I go on a work trip, as I was so looking forward to my weigh in after losing 8.5 lbs on my first week.
Now, I'm dreading it.
I have bought a new treadmill so going to do half an hour on that every day and hope I haven't done too much damage
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