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First stone itch...

Okay I've been on lighter life lite for the grand total of three weeks (starting my fourth tomorrow), and so far I've lost just over a stone. It's around this time, no matter what diet I'm doing, that it all starts to go wrong. I've started having the real bad cravings for junk (mainly pizza and cheesy garlic bread) and it's now all I can think about.

To be honest I would have given in already on any other diet, but I'm the lowest weight I've been in a long time and really don't want to go back to satisfying my cravings and stuffing my face full of food.

Any suggestions on what I can do to help?

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Argh! No!

The best thing is that you wrote that instead of going and doing what your brain is saying, and THAT means you already know you just can't! A stone in four weeks is wonderful. So if you do this, if you eat what your mind is tricking you to eat, will you feel proud straight after? Tomorrow? Going through that getting back to ketosis? No!

Things I'd do (am doing): look up pics on Internet on what you'd love to look like and save them all in Word doc. Gives me an aim.

Go have an enormous glass of water followed immediately by a hot black coffee -belly will be FULL!

Write yourself a plan, or go back through one you've already made. So, 4 weeks = 1 stone. If another 4 weeks = 2 off how would you feel. Imagine being told you're two stone lighter than you were and what you'd feel like that day. Visualise baby, visualise. (note:I'd cry, jump around, kiss a tramp... Prob not the tramp actually).

Last thing:imagine who made the pizza. I do this at coffee shops looking cakes. Imagine if the guy who made it didn't wash his hands! Or his grimy sneeze went on it on the factory line. Or someone's hair or a dead mouse somehow was in the sauce that coated it. Urgh! Bad pizza!

You know this works. You KNOW you only need to do this for a few months more and you're so successful to have lost 1 stone so fast.

Now, stop it hon. Immediately. Or I will hunt you down and kick your pizza-craving butt. :p xxx

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Haha, I love your last sentence and 'tough love' approach!!

No you're totally right. I've come home and eaten a turkey salad, had two pints of water and a cup of tea and now feel satisfied.

I love the visualisation idea too!! I will be imagining dead mice in everything now!! Haha.

Thanks for the words of support hun, really appreciate it!!

When I am having bad thoughts I always try to come on here to give me motivation. I thought by 4 weeks cravings would be better... I can’t stop thinking about treacle tart.. not sure why, it wouldn’t be something I normally would have eaten. Its group tomorrow and I must get out of the habit of “treating” myself after. I am finding drinking water quite difficult. I think I might get a drink flavour tomorrow.. I drink lots of tea though which I find really filling and I get that warm feeling inside like after a meal.

Thanks I feel like I have had a kick up the butt! Just what I needed. :)
Hi girls, i agree with the strain of getting into ketosis again, why do we do it to ourselves?

lets loose the weight for the summer together. xxx
Thats a fantastic loss in three weeks - well done you. I think we all get them thoughts. Im doing total at the moment but will swap to light after two stone i think. xxx

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