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First time ever


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This is the first time I have posted on any website. Hope I get it right! I have been reading the site for a few days and it has helped reading the posts. So though it was time I introduced myself.

Started on Lipotrim last Saturday -so at the end of day 5. Have stuck to it - although amazing how many times I have come close to putting something in my mouth when making meals for the kids. Just shows how many extra calories I was probably eating without even realising.

Was 13.12 at my weigh in and want to lose 3 stone and see how I feel then, I'm 5' 6''. I have found all of the shakes and the soup fine. I bought a blender today as was using a hand blender before which was fine but hard to crush ice and the shakes are so much better with ice.

Anyone got any advice as to how to how they space out the shakes etc. Yesterday I had a shake at breakfast. I only work part time and finish at 3 so thought I would have the second one when I got home but by that time I was becoming very snappy. So today I thought I would have the first one at work. Was feeling fine but then suddenly felt really weak at about 12.30 and went to the kitchen and had soup but felt a bit sick. Probably should have had it earlier. Any suggestions for tomorrow?

I'm sure that ketosis has kicked in now but don't feel dramatically better - does it keep improving?

I am determined to stick to this diet and looking forward to weigh in on Friday. Not really looking forward to Bank holiday as husband away until Tuesday so 3 kids to look after, also off for 2 weeks for half term and wondering how I'll manage.

Well I'm going to post this now and see if my ticker thing appears or if anything appears... Here goes
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Hiya hun, welcome to the site and well done on getting this far! I too had never posted ever before this site..im sure you will be addicted soon.
Stick at it and well done again xxxx


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Hi Gerry ...welcome ...i have started having mine at 9:20 after school run.... 1 pm before work and 7 pm after work with loadsa water in between and feel great no weak or dizziness..i think the key is water i drink around 6 litres a day at the min...every time i feel hungry i don 1/2 pint of ice cold water and there is no way i could eat after that!
It does get easier my worst days were day 3 & 5
Good luck
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well done for sticking to it so far, I bet you will see the results at your weigh in on friday!! It gets easier, just make sure you are drinking loads of water then you should be fine until you get your next shake.:D
Welcome Gerry you will find all the help you will need here, as for spacing your meals, well its bit of a unknown quantity really, you will find what suits your needs day by day, Ketosis does get easier you should be pretty much therenow.
Good luck


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Welcome aboard Gerry :)

I promise you honestly, hand on heart it gets better :) The 1st week was harsh but once you getin the Ketosis zone you are really grooving, more energy, little or no hunger pangs - promise :) On the bad side you'll have a whiffy breath but a small price to pay :)

The results speak for themselves on the pics & tickers on here :D You can do this !


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hi gerry glad you've joined us welcome to the crazy gang. i too hadn't posted a message on a site before this but was so inspired by all the successes that i just had to try it out for myself. i've not been disappointed and i'm sure you wont be either


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hi welcome gerry, when you get snappy you must have a shake if your hungry,hunger is a twat,but keeeeeeeeeeep drinkin that water it helps a lot gud luck doll!!!!
Thanks for your encouragement. Have been drinking loads of water at least 4 litres so fingers crossed. Just been into the sitting room as husband has couple of friends round to watch the match and they asked what I was doing on the internet - didn't say as would be too hard to explain but husband very supportive - Mum is also which surprised me as dosen't agree with what she would call faddy diets.

Think that she must really want me to lose the weight. I'm 39 and have just been diagnosed with high blood pressure so hoping that losing weight will reduce it and mean that I can stay on low dose of tablet.
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A posting virgin!!

Welcome and good luck on your LT Journey.

My only advice is to take 1 day at a time it really helps

I have my shakes religiously at 11am, 3pm and 8pm although sometimes i have the 8 pm one a bit early - I have a shake for brekkie a flapjack at 3 and soup at 8.


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Welcome! It does get easier. I had the weakness and the shakes at about 5pm most days for the first 2 weeks...try splitting your shakes in half and having 6 smaller portions....it helped me but I don't have to do it anymore.
Welcome...believe everyone..it gets loads better..ok some days are bad and hard...but stick with it because its soooo worth it. Splitting your shakes is a good idea it you are v. hungry, but after a while you will find you won't need to as you won't be as hungry. Best of luck on your journey!!


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Welcome Gerry!!!!

Dont think about the Bank Hol. Stay with the now! I'm 5ft7 and aiming to get to 9st9lb - 10st1lb.

I'm doin Dr Cohen's, keep posting and you'll find you get heaps of encouragement and praise.....


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