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First unplanned binge :-( (food mentioned)


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I have had a couple of ooccassions so far on the plan where on SS I have had a planned eat/drink and have still managed to get straight back on it and lose weekly.

Today was a work day from hell, can't talk about it in detail but I ate for a variety of reasons....... stress, lack of work to get on with and because others were - I had about 9 biscuits and then a chicken wrap from Nandos a few chips and some coleslaw :cry:Now I feel sick, bloated and totally pissed off with myself, why did I do that, it's not going to help me get to goal :mad:

GUTTED with myself :cry::cry::cry:
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drink water flush what u can out . Wke up tommorow new day and dont weight urself for few days and ull be lower than before


Needs to stop eating!!
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Its been done, you cant undo it...tomorrow is a new day as Rich said drink lots of water to flush it out. TBH the binge doesnt even sound that bad, im sure you will be ok. :)


100% all the way!
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Never mind Lexy, there's lot's of us that have done this. Now take it as a lesson learnt and treat tomorrow as a new day. It shouldn't effect your loss too much.......try not to dwell on it and look forward.

When I did this I realised how horrible feeling full was......lethargic and uncomfortable......I rather fell hungry compared to that feeling any day, and to think this is what I probably felt like most of the time when I stuffed my face! xxxx


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Hey hon
Chin up hon........ Drink lots of water.........brush yourself off.
Tomorrow is a new day and just jump straight back on..
You can do it hon you know you can. xxx


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Aww Lexi, I have been there myself one Saturday we've been out for a meal and I was going to be good and stick to some grilled chicken and small salad instead I had chicken salad and chips plus a cremem brulle for pud, and I did what Richman suggested, drank loads every day stuck to it 100% and never weighed myself till the following weekend and I lost 4 lbs that week. Keep focused forget about today and you should be smiling soon. Hugs M xxx
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Hi Lexxy :D
Dont beat yourself up honey, we all have blow outs and sometimes its just needed to make u feel better at the time, just pull it back from tomorrow and look at today as a treat day
hope you feel better tomorrow:eek::):eek::):eek:


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Or....alternatively...you need to look at why you did that. How can you manage the reasons you listed so that you don't need to binge? Or....maybe look past the reasons, is there something else there? Take me for instance, I eat cause I want to. I need no emotion, I need no particular stress. It's a habit. My fault. Nothing drove me to it.

Just a suggestion....

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