First week and only 6 lbs down


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Why are you gutted? You have lost almost half a stone in a single week, I'd be well chuffed.


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Aria - 6lbs is great -Everyone loses at a different pace - it depends on what programme you following and how much weight you have to lose and a lot more. We all tend to compare our losses to others, but I just use others' successes as my motivation to do better. Good Luck for the week ahead.

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6lb is a brilliant loss, why are you gutted, please dont be!
It's 6lbs off and that's a good thing :)


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You have done really really well, 6lbs of fat gone from your body.... its alot more than you might think babe, if you goggle what just 1lb of fat actually looks like, you will be suprised, and you have lost 6 of them, look at it this way.... its better off your body than on it, and in the end it all evens out :) you keep up rhe good work Aria, you have done great!



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That is an amazing loss...I only hope that I do as well on my first weigh in...


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Well done:happy096: