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First week weigh in

Pleased for you. :)

Now never mind what looks smaller or bigger (to you anyway) - get a tape measure out and measure yourself!

I do my stats once a month, so there's always been a difference so far even if my losses have slowed down a bit.

(Would it surprise you to know that I keep a spreadsheet with ALL my stats on, weight, body fat %age, measurements, all carefully recorded and graphed.........:eek: )


Serial Foodie!
congrats Mrs R, thats a brilliant loss. I always lose my boobs before anything else as well!


taking it 1 day at a time
Well done, time to update those details in user cp! Yam, i use a spreadsheet too, the one available on here somewhere. Isn't it great to be able to see your progress so easily. (If anyone wants the link i'll post it once i'm on my computer)
Oooh, link please Gina, yes!
Congrats Mrs R - I too didn't *see* much difference (actually, until very recently), but regularly take measurements anyway, and they do slowly change. Not by much (as in my case it's like trying to empty Edgbaston reservoir with a bucket), but they do change. Only do it every couple of weeks or so now, as it's a bit of a faff.

But I too have a chart... :eek:
Good - the analogy amuses me, too ;)

I felt like that about the scales TBH, but I decided 1) not wanting to know doesn't change the fact that said issue exists, and 2) not knowing at the outset means I can't effectively gauge progress.

I suppose measurements are different, as in the longer run you can still tell by the fit of clothes. So, whatever works :)
Hehe, that made me laugh! :) I'm not doing measurements because I do not want to go anywhere near my bottom with a tape measure. There are some things a girl doesn't need to know :)
I bet it's nowhere near as big as you think it is! But at the end of the day it's your choice.

I do my measurements every calendar month and it's kind of nice to see those numbers going down too though. :D

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