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Hi all,

Just reading through some of the insperational storys on here, they are making me sooo motivated to loose this fat hanging off me!!

well i started today at a weight of 20.9st and I am hoping to loose 89lb before christmas so i am really gonna need some support from all on the site!

thanks for reading and hope to hear from you all soon!

:eek: Pudding Geoff -x-
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goingtobeslim x
hi and welcome. you will do just fine and you will have all the support on here and more. good luck :)


Silver Member
Welcome Geoff x glad you found this site cos it truely does help you through x just wait until your first weigh in then extiement kicks in about the losses and its all downhill from there xx
hi geoff and welcome to the group.
Thanks all,

It's my 2nd day and i am nearly finished, I have been starving today!
I didnt think i could do it but i am really looking forward to getting to the end of the day!!!

I am getting weighed on Friday this week!! we will see if i can get to the end.......................... I sooooo respect those of you that have been doing this for months! :)
Hi Geoff,

Of course you WILL get to the end of the week, and once you have your WI you will be on cloud 9, trust me!

Good Luck
Clair x

Jessie 888

one life only
Well done for getting through the second day Geoff. I think it's part of the deal with this diet that we sign up to suffer in the first week for the sake of an amazing fast weight loss from then on. I've nearly done 12 weeks now and I'm definitely not suffering like you at the moment. It gets much easier, hun, so stay strong, drink loads and distract yourself whenever you can! :D
Don't even think about quitting cos ... if not now, when?
Thanks jessie & charliesangel,

I will keep on it, looking forward to getting through this week, reading through the other posts and people say that everything goes easier after the first week.

I am finding drinking lots of water really diffcult!

Good luck to all for this weeks W/I.

Pudding Geoff. xx


I will conquer!!!
Hello and welcome on board :D I now it's easier said than done but try & distract yourself from the hungar pangs......I didn't & fell off the wagon for 2 days :cry: I'm back on track though now :D but am deffo going to keep myself more occupied :) Look forward to hearing your results :)
Jackie xx
Good luck Geoff, promise it gets easier and you start to live for your water! Keep drinking and the days will fly past! Xx
Good work mate, this is my 1st week too, sure we can achieve our goals!!
Hi all thanks for the boost i need....

I am going to sound really discusting, but i am just having real issues with the toilet, its quite a violent passing does anyone suffer from these side effects??? good luck everyone for today, and very sorry for speaking about this gross issue.

thanks Pudding Geoff
Hi Geoff.

I think it's the nutrients running through you, Give it time, If it does not subside within a few more day's then perhaps talk to your doctor.


goingtobeslim x
hi geoff i wouldn't worry abut it to much people either get constipated or the runs, if you do get constipated just add the fibre clear too your water or like me take a laxative. :)
Hi Everyone,

Day 4 YEAHHHH... Feel great... no hunger for now!
Looking forward to seeing my results on Friday!!
I will let you all know how i do!

x Pudding Geoff


goingtobeslim x
glad you are feeling great, good luck with WI you will do great. :)

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