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First Weigh in with Exante! - First week Inspiration


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Hi All

For those of you who are just starting out I want to let you know that I have had a great week. I know many find the first week really hard, but I have found it pretty easy. So this can be the other side to the first week.

I have stuck to the Total Solutions 100% this week. I have drank loads of water and herbal teas (oolong, peppermint, nettle and java)

I have lost 13lb and I am really pleased! Especially as I had cut down quite a lot before starting Exante (other than a two day half blow out once I had ordered lol)

Anyone who thinks they want to do meal replacement but has not got time to go to meetings, or have a counsellor come to you. Or simply hasn't got the money....Exante is a great plan :)

I am raring to go for another week now. Of course next week will be a lot less. But as long as I stick to it, I will lose all this weight in the end:)
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Hi Isis, I think next week will be another good week. Like you I have had a good week, finishes on wednesday, but yeah, like you said says Exante is the best, unless you want the counselling.
wel done hun congrats on the amazin weight loss hun :D...
i hope i get something big like that in my first week of startin exante...see if i get something big like that then i know it would motivate me that lil bit more and also it would mean that i don't have as long to lose as much if i get a big weight loss in one week :D..as u can see from my signature...my weighgt loss on cd was onli reli 4lbs per week...if it was bit more on even just one of the weeks would have spurred me on even more but it didn't :(...n the week i onli lost 2lbs that was a major down fall for me..:(...but hence the reason i want to start exante as soon as i can as i cnt afford cd no longer...


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I guess it depends on the weight you have to lose sometimes. I have a lot to lose, so I may have a bigger first loss. The body is a clever old thing like that :)
lol yh mayb....just that a slightly bigger loss would be so much more satisfyin lol...i am a shorty as well so don't kno if that is a factor towards crappy weight loss lol...i am onli 4'11 :$ lol...which is why i want to lose the weight so badly..i have about two stones to go or mayb a stone and abit to get down to 8 and a half stone...hopefully the inches will go down too...as that is what i am reali wantin lol the inch loss haha..
Hi sweet girl, if you only weighed 11st 4lbs then a 4lb loss each week is amazing, I think it would be impossible to lose more than 4lb a week at that weight? I too am now 11.4 and i'd be so happy if I lost 4lbs a week from now on!


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My waist has lost 2 inches in a week! That happened when I did Atkins last year also :) Low carb (icluding Exante) is great for inch loss :)
Sorry just seen your new weight of 10.5 on your sig, being totally honest other than the first week I think it would be almost impossible to lose more than 4lbs a week even on exante. That really would be a great loss each week, good luck!
yh i guess soo...i waas happy with the losses when i was on c.d not that i wasn't but each week i kept gettin disappointed for some reason u kno wen you want more then what you are gettin lol think that was the casse with me...i wanted more then what i was gettin at lol...n the inch loss wasnt really working for me on cd for some reason lol the waist just did not want to seem to go down lol so i am hopin exante will be slightly better if not the same..:) what is ur aim andrea?


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Toning exercise helps the inch loss too sweet.
Yeah I can totally understand, sometimes it can feel like no matter how much we lose in a week it still isn't good enough! You should be really proud of what you've lost already and yeah it should definitely continue on exante. The best way to lose inches though is exercise, it really makes such a difference, do you exercise at the moment sweet girl?

My ultimate aim is 9stone, I'm 5ft 4 but I'd be happy to get down to 9st 10ish really!
i do gentle cardio currently...i don't know many toning exercises to be honest and i walk a lot....like literally everywher lolz...don't kno how much the helps to be honest lol...av u got ne other toning suggestions..?? if i make the order now when will i get it by do you think?...and are you allowed to put down a different delivery address to the address which is registered under your card, as i am currently at uni so hence the reason i want to get it registered there or should i jst put down my home address and then start it off propaly on fri?? :s not too sure as to what to do..i have got a few cd products left which i guess i can start off officially again 2mo...wt you think?


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I had mine delivered to my partners home in Nuneaton. I am registered as Birmingham. So yes :)

It is past 1pm, so would come wednesday now :)

I use a pilates band I bought for 10quid for argos to do toning exercise. There is a thread that says it is best to stick to toning and away from cardio on a VLCD
I think you can get it ordered to a different address on your card but if you still have cd products left I would start with those FROM NOW then order the packs now so that it they will be at your home address ready for when you get back to start on friday. I say "from now" as if you put it off tomorrow you could of already lost a lb even just starting today.

With the toning exercises I would say get yourself a davina dvd or one similar and maybe some low weight dumbells and follow her body pump, leg & arm toning routines. It shouldn't get too boring then either!
andrea but what if the offer goes by thurs lol...:$...yh ur rite i mite get started bk on the cd 2dai..though i have already had lunch which was a tuna sweetcorn wrap...so do you still think i shud start it off from 2dai or shud i jus wait til 2mo..:S...i don't have any weighin scales at uni damn..so not gone kno what weight i am at currently...as i don't kno if the last weigh in i had has changed or not...wt shud i do? oh and thnx for the tonning suggestions hun thnx :D.
I think you should start this evening definitely, just have one cd product as your dinner and carry on from tomorrow. If you place the order today is there someone available to sign for the delivery on wednesday? Its just that then you will have the products ready and waiting for you when you get back home :)
and just weigh yourself when you get home. Weighing is irrelevant really, as long as you follow the plan then you will lose x

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