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First Weight In.

Due to dodgy scales I'm not entirely sure how much I have lost.

I add 4lbs on my scales because when I was doing LT they were 4lbs out from the chemists scales. But who knows with these digital things.

Anyway it's either 8lbs or 12lbs so either way I'm happy. Obviously if it was 12lb it would be better :D It is totm too so I would be ecstatic.

I'm very very happy, it feels like the weight is going quicker than last time... And I was a stone heavier when I decided to do this than I was then. Though I think illness helped me on my way.


Good luck everyone x
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Way to go Cherise, I suggest going into a pharmacy and weighing on one of those scales as they are accurate, before you do that though weigh yourself at home and then compare because 4lbs is quite a bid difference.

That is excellent though, thanks for keeping us all updated and keep it up, you must be very proud of yourself. I hope you have given yourself a huge hug and pat on the back.
Thank you Mark :D I am very pleased with myself. Hugs all round!!
Just realised I have weighed in a day early !!!! Hahahaha. Oh well :) I doubt one day will make much difference.
As long as you always weigh on the same scales the "actual" weight doesn't matter, certainly not at the moment.

All you need to do is count the difference between last week and this week and whatever the scales say the loss will be the same.........;)

Either way that's a great start, especially if it is a 6-day weigh-in! Well done! :D


is slowly shrinking
well done an a good loss, like yam says, it don;t matter what yr scales say as long as u use the same ones each week, in the same place it will show yr loss in pounds, it does not matter what the stones is on, just watch yr pounds disapear.
In which case it's 12lbs :) Oh how exciting :D


reaching my goal
well done i bet your very proud of your self . Like everyone says stick to the same scales if not get some new ones xx
Well done, especially in 6 days!
Nah I don't think it could have been 12lbs....I've decided it's only 8lbs. I mean that's good :) But 12 would have been better. I don't know, who knows lol.

I'm just gonna judge by which clothes I can fit in to. I know pretty much what weight I was with each item so I will be fine...it's more about clothes size for me anyway.

Thank you though, hopefully I will have lost a stone by next week - if the scales can tell!!
Cherise, you sound very unsure and this will happen everytime you weigh yourself which not good. Weigh yourself at home on your scales, go to a Boots or Lloyds and weigh yourself and see what happens. Better yet take your scales to the pharmacy, weigh yourself on both and see if there is a difference. If there is a difference ask one of theirs on sale, try and see what that says, if no difference then buy it. Cherise this is a big deal because we judge how we are doing by what the scales say and you cannot carry on being unsure week after week.

Well that is what I would do, I rely on my scales and if I thought they were unaccurate I would get new ones.


reaching my goal
i would get some new ones because you mite have only lost 8lbs , and one day if you way on different scale it could weigh you heavier and you dont want to be disapointed all because your scales are wrong . Hope this helps you and mark is rite sometimes the scales move but inch loss doesnt for a while so you need those scales xx

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