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Fish and chips

Ok, i had fish and chips from Witherspoons. It wasn't very nice. :p
Fish in batter was overcooked and chips where reheated. It came with peas.

How many points would you say?? :confused:

Fish was medium size. I only ate a third of a small portion of chips and about 2 tablespoons of peas.

Just a guestamet would be greatfully appreciated

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their website tells you all you need to know! :) it adds up everything like it does on the macdonalds website, the value meal of Fish, Chips, Peas and Tartare Sauce is 1001cals and 3.8 sat fat, therefore points wise = 15 :)

Website if needed :) J D Wetherspoon Food Facts

PS: whethers is definitely really bad for foods! lol :)
I like their chicken burgers! Hope that 15 points didnt duff you up too much! Love the pic by the way, my facebook one is sometimes a frog with a yellow hat that smartly says 'i has a hat' lol *thumbs up*
Ok 15 points i'll take the hit, but.....never again i could of eaten 4 and bit cream eggs for that rubbish! Or 2 portions of special chow mein!!

Oh well, thanks any way xxx
Just checked the Nandos website. They don't give too much away...

Mixed salad with chicken (lemon and herb) and spicy rice works out 6½ (i think) not too bad...

I wonder how much more to add Peri Peri sauce??

in my shop book it says 2 table spoons of Nandos peri peri sauce is 0.5 points so shouldn't really make much difference what sauce you get on it:D
Im going to nandos on monday! the site tells you the NI for everything on their and its better than using the guide which isnt accurate! :)


running strictly on fat!
Weatherspoon is a big no no - learnt the hard way :)

As for Nandos - even while on CD I'd still have it - these are rather weight friendly (if chosen correctly of course)
Whethers is alright as long as you save points before hand and also you go for low pointed things, the chicken breast wrap with the reggae sauce is only 6points! and a portion of chips to go with is classed as 6points too! so only 12! not too bad! will fill you up, but just got to remember to save on other days and watch what your eating on the same day also!

Nando's is awesome!!! and the points are generous too! :) have a good time!
the tomato relish with the burgers is the best thing! NOM!
the tomato relish with the burgers is the best thing! NOM!
LOL agreed!!!! it's bloody gorgeous and the chicken burger like you said, think it's 14.5points?? not bad if your just going to eat that and day a small lunch/dinner! 0 point soup needed i feel when eating at whethers!

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