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Fish and Chips

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OMG, everyone around me is eating fish and chips. They smell amazing! Although I'm happy to carry on without. I'm on day 2, so I need to stay strong as I've got a long way to go, but it will totally be worth it when I start to see the results :):)
How does everyone else stay away from food? Any tips?
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I try not to stay away from food, as if I did I would crave it morex! Might sound silly but I love to talk about food, I even watch people eat! Haha it helps me though! Fish and chips may last you 20 Min but being slim and reaching your goal lasts a loT longer. Think of the buzz you will get when you have your weigh in , you will be so proud of yourself for being strong. X

Thornhill Cate

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I don't think many people on here can stay away from food. Most are cooking for families. Staying away from food isn't really the point. It's more to recognise how we act around food and try and change those habits. If you spend the whole time trying to stay away from food how are you going to control yourself when you're around it again? I went to a business thing the other week and there was a buffet, another time I had to take my son to a friend's birthday party with the usual parade of party food. In both these situations I would have tucked in if I hadn't been doing LT, and wouldn't have stopped to think whether I was hungry or if I should be eating all that stuff. I couldn't eat so I had to recognise my feelings and think them through. Hopefully it's these learning situations that will enable up to change behaviours when LT comes to an end. Well done for not caving to fish and chips. That's a tough one but one of those same learning experiences.
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Jessie 888

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Fish and chips: the very thought is making my mouth water! I was reading on the forum earlier that somebody said (possibly Squeeze?) that if you take a deep breath in, it might satisfy the craving? I haven't tried it yet but I know avoiding food and smells just isn't possible. Let me know if it works! I don't think there's an easy answer unfortunately.


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yep it was me who said that lol! if i try to avoid food i obsess about it! but when im cooking for my daughter, if i start wanting to eat a bit.. i pick it up and stick it right in my face and have a good strong, long whiff. and then all of a sudden my desire disappears as i realise yes it smells lovely, but actually i dont want to eat it. and i can move past it easily. If i try to ignore it then it just plagues me! might not work for everyone but it works for me!! id be picking up a big bit of fish and sticking it in me nostrils for a minute and then i wouldnt want any! lol

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