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fish and chips


a new way of living!
Keith has been away in holland, and has just got back. in he walked with fish and chips and they smell lovely!!

I dont usually like chips so i had a tiny tiny piece to put me off the smell....

but it tasted lovely! arggghhhh!!! I had to walk away or i would have eaten some!!

mind you, my mouth feels like i have just sucked on a piece of lard!

How can he do this to me?!?!?!

dont know whats wrong with me i seem to be affected by food more this week, totm in 2 weeks though, i am noticing a pattern here, a couple of weeks before i want to eat!

whinge moan!

nothing on TV either, wrist is sore and the dog has just farted...
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ROFL! you are SO funny!
The TV is dire isn't it :confused:
There are some smells that get you more than others; vis a vis Bacon, Toast and Chips! All of em killers. (mind you, dog farts are killers too!)
Well done for only having a tiny taste and walking away. :clap::clap::clap: xx


a new way of living!
mmm toast and bacon, ooohhh. I am hoping i hate the taste of them after i finish. at this rate i have at least another ten weeks left :(
wanted to finish by the end of october, but looking like mid december now. by weight loss has dropped to about 2lb pw, i know its still good, but i am getting impatient! ;)

ps think something has crawled up dogs butt and died going on the smell! ;) tmi?? hehehe.


Gonna be slim again
Helen! Can i take you to sea with me as you would make me laugh all the time!!! Im sure i can come to some sort of arrangement with your hubby, after all you'll be doing it for your country:D:D:D
Ya nutter lol
I must admit I just done toasted teacake for kids supper & a raisin fell out & I ATE IT OMG I will never forgive myself :-(
Smells are just so tempting arent they

Good luck with it
Never mind the smells.....I think naming threads after food should be banned on minimims! I can't pass them.....I HAVE to read them and drool just thinking about them! I can smell the food having just read it in a title of a thread!!!!

Hope you feel better soon msblonde! Try putting some probiotic in the dog's food!


Gonna be slim again
hugs hun, you can't eat but your reward is offers from handsome sailors can't be bad x
Cheers babe...cheques in the post x;)


Peace Love Happiness
Have I missed something about the hansome sailors:confused::D

I'm not usually a fan of f&c but we were out in the city on Saturday and my bf and I looked at each other when someone walked past with some chips with vinegar for some reason the smell was so potent.

Really wanted to eat tonight, but had a bath instead. Roll on New York! Roll on tomorrow - weigh in yaay!


a new way of living!
Helen! Can i take you to sea with me as you would make me laugh all the time!!! Im sure i can come to some sort of arrangement with your hubby, after all you'll be doing it for your country:D:D:D
lol yeah i'm sure he'd be just fine about it! you would soon run out of rum with me around though ;)
OMG dog farts are the worst!

I used to find mid-cycle was my worst time too, I could have chewed my arm off and even dog farts smelt appetizing lol x x x

Keep strong


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Sorry girlies, but I had a few chips and gravy myself tonight. I've lost a few more lbs and have just bought myself a mini trampoline...I'm planning on exercising to achieve my buffer zone (typed bugger zone then spotted the spelling mistake:eek:!!).
Talking about TV, do you notice how many chuffing food programmes and adverts there are on TV!!?? Last night: Come Dine With Me, Master Chef, Nigella..... Tonight, The Restuarant starts.... AAarrrggghhhhh! Adverts: Pizza Hut, M&S, Mc D, KFC, Sainsburys fiver, BK,..... AAarrrggghhhhh!
Omg yes there are so many food programmes and i torture myself by watching them all !!! lol and every advert is about food or is it just we notice the food 1's more ?????
Helen babe, hang in there. I had hoped to be at target by my birthday when I first started but seeing as that is only 3 weeks away that so isn't going to happen! Now I'm hoping for somewhere between November and Christmas - depending on how the losses go! Hope they aren't 1.87lb each week otherwise Christmas lunch for me will be the end of January!!!!! Lol!!!

Your post did make me laugh! My OH always blames the dog - and we don't have one!!!!! So he blames the children instead!!!! After the (very hot) chilli I make him he daren't trust a fart!!!!! Lol!!!



a new way of living!
lol! cf, i was on holiday a few years ago (ok so maybe about 18 years ago!) and i had a touch of holiday tummy, some friends i was with had taken their new born, so everytime i had to 'let one out' i used to stand next to the baby's cot, poor thing had its nappy checked every ten mins!!!:eek:

agree with you milk tray man (I remember those ad's! shows how old i am!! all because the lady loves... milk tray! gutted they stopped the lime barrels though!)

anyway, was browsing my usual magazines and yup, no escape - food everywhere! receipies, adverts, supermarket offers, BK buy six burgers get six free, no wonder everyone is getting fatter!

then on the next page is a size zero model looking glam, then back to food ads! no wonder most people are going in circles!

I have had such a tough couple of weeks, when i have been craving healthy food, I have just enjoyed the thought of eating again, but lately seem obsessed with unhealthy food, sometimes stuff i never even used to like! i cant cope with unhealthy cravings, cause if i refed around a time like now, i may go off the deep end, at least if the cravings are healthy you get a sense of virtuous control, when they are unhealthy, you just get feelings of panic - and get this, guilt trip of just thinking about the bloody stuff!!!! is there no escape?!?!??!?!?!


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