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Fitness + Dance workout DVD's

taebo all the way :) x


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Well I have been doing Clubland with Deanne Berry and it gets my heart rate going and me sweaty and very red faced.

There is a mix of things to do.

Warm up - nice and easy to start off

Aerobics - I still can't do it fully, some times like the criss cross just kill me. I must admit after 15 mins of this I am sweating.

Dance - I have done this one bit once cause my hand/feet/body coordination is rubbish and I'm actually embarrassed.

Combat - This a good one punching and kicking, gets you even more red, more sweaty but I actually like this one as I think the moves are easy to pick up.

Ab toning - KILLER! Thats all I'm gonna say on that.

Chill out - Nice and relaxing, my favourite part of the dvd cause I know it's the end.


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I use the latest Davina McCall one, and find it great. good music and good effective exercises.
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Hi, I really like the new coleen nolan one, its a bit cheesy but i really enjoyed doing the dance especially the jiggly squat and travolta move (it makes sense when you do it) have only done it a few imes so i dont know if it may get a bit boring after a while.


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Like Tara, I've been using the new Davina McCall DVD. it's really good, has a cardio and a toning section, plus special sections for toning specific parts og the body.


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I agree with girls about Davina's new workout. I think it is really good, not cheesy at all and music from J Joplin and hot chip makes it different from anything else I have tried before.

Ladies who use Davina's DVD, how many parts do you do in one session?
For example, I do 1st part plus legs and abs one day. Two days after I will do part 2 and arms and abs.Do you think this is right?


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S: 13st6lb C: 12st1lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 29.9 Loss: 1st5lb(10.11%)
I do similar, and try to do one session on say super legs/super pump etc a day three times a week. When I started, I was doing two sessions a day, every day. It actually caused my losses to slow as I was gaining muscle far quicker than I would have liked.
Whilst doing any exercise, it's vital to ensure that you drink lots of water which will re-hydrate you through any water lost to exercise.

On my inbetween days, I do half an hour of Pilates. If interested, try Winsor Pilates, there are several DVDs and a special offer on a toning circle at the moment.

I'm about to start on a course of a new exercise called Hypoxi, basically it is an exercise bike which holds the lower body in a vacuum, and alters the pressure to keep the blood circulation at its peak in the lower body. Apparently it aids fat loss in the target area (anything around a dress size in fat loss over the four week programme). I'm starting in a fortnight, and although it is expensive at several hundred pounds for the package, if it works then it'll be worth it. If you look into the science of Fat burning, it works well (can also reduce cellulite by as much as 40% over the sessions).

Hopefully this coupled with the diet will have me at my ideal shape as soon as possible.
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I also have the Davina (Power of Three and High energy 5 (I think?) and they are both pretty good although did notice that they were a little samey. I tend to do the whole thing (about an hour) each time, but would only do it maybe twice a week.

On other exercise days, I like, would you believe.....The Claire Richardson (from Steps) DVD. Its actually pretty hard - harder than the Davina one in my opinion and it makes me feel like I am working harder but because its dancey it feels more enjoyable (and I don't have to put up with Davina who does do my head in after a while)

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