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Fitting exercise in...

hi all, just wondering if anyone has trouble fitting exercise into their day. I go to work every day and my partner works from home (in theory!). However, he is very unreliable and does no housework, so that is all left to me. We also have a dog that he feeds during the day, but he ignores her for the most part so by the time I get home from work, she is crazy-hyper and I feel that I have to drop everything to play with her because she has had a lonely day. By the time I am done with cleaning, laundry, dishes, dog, and who knows what else, it is already late evening and I just want some time to myself for a couple hours before bed, to say nothing of exercising. For those of you who think I probably should find another relationship, I agree, believe me, but am not in a position to do so right now. Life is the way it is now, for a while, and I am just trying to deal with it. :sigh:

I just feel like I don't have enough energy to deal with everything I have to do on a daily basis. I have some exercise DVDs that I actually would love to do, but I have no privacy in the house and I feel awkward doing them in the middle of the living room with my partner interrupting me every 2 seconds wandering back and forth throughout the house. :confused:
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I am in the same kind of boat!! I work full-time. I do the morning school run, then work until half 5. Get home for 6ish, clean up the dishes from the kids tea, make my own tea, clean up the dishes again, tidy up, clean up, do the washing, and the drying, and the ironing. Then its bath time for the kids, then supper, then bedtime. It is usually 9:30pm before I get sat down at all, and then im nodding off cos im so tired. My OH's response was to get up earlier so I could fit more in. You can imagine how that ended cant ya....lol. I honestly don't have time to fit exercise in either :( If you find a solution, let me know lol xx
Oh girls :( sorry your oh's sound like sh*t bags :(
Umm how far do you live from work? Could you possibly cycle or something if that nature?
Dog walking is always good exercise, you could go for a short walk/jog with the dog and you would both enjoy that and you could increase your pace as your fitness goes up
Do you have a DVD player in the bedroom? Could you do a DVD elsewhere


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Been there, done that.......(re OH's grrrrrr)

On a more practical note Carly seems to have suggested anything that might fit in with your current situations. And really, if you just walk/jog with the dog that's all the exercise you need, tis almost perfect exercise in fact (apparently so, thats what my gp told me) Good luck with it........ where there's a will there's a way :)
Thanks everyone. I actually don't walk our dog... she's an Italian Greyhound and she has 'her' own big garden to play in. :) Harnesses for this type of dog have to be custom made to measure, after they're done growing, and she's about 6 months old now so hopefully in a few months I can get her a walking harness.

In the meantime I guess what I need to do, is move some furniture out of my room and store it somewhere else during my weightloss. Then I can use my room to do exercise videos, altho I'm sure i will be bumping my elbows and feet against walls and the bed if the moves get too spread out! ;) Maybe I will start with the yoga ones, lol.


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If you can fit it into your commute to work or your lunch hour you may find that easier? Is there a pool or a gym near work? Or somewhere nice you could go for a walk? Perhaps park a bit further away from work and walk the start / end of the commute, or cycle in if that's an option.

I'm finding it a lot easier now that I've mostly started cycling to / from work, as it just becomes part of something you've got to do anyway.

Good luck!


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If you drive to work, try parking a bit further away so you can get 15-20 minutes walk in there and back :D

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