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Fizzy Water not allowed as part of daily 4 pint quota O.O


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Further to a previous thread I decided to give LT a call regarding the water intake situation and this is what I was told.

"You must drink 4 pints of plain still water every day. On top of that is the water used for your shakes, fizzy water and any tea or coffee."

When I asked why fizzy water is not counted towards the 4 pints a day I was told "because it tends to contain more sodium and drinking too much will cause a build up of salts in the body".

So there you have it. That's come as a shock to me and I have to be perfectly honest with you and say I'm not switching from my fizzy water to plain, I just couldn't manage to drink it if I did, but that's just me.
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Not all carbonated water has higher sodium levels in it than still water, so whoever you spoke to from LT are wrong. o.o

I'll keep drinking my carbonated water!
OMG, I've switched to mostly fizzy this week and, I admit I have cheated too, but only lost 1lb this wk.
The pharmacist asked about water today and I mentioned I was drinking fizzy - all she said was is it can bloat you?!

Wonder if that's had any impact on me feeling hungrier this week then?!
when i drank fizzy water for a week i had a really low loss.thought it might be the water so switched back to plain and my loss went back to normal.
its nice for a change but wouldn't over do it x


Recovering Cookie Addict
I've been drinking entirely fizzy water throughout LT, with the exception of the occasional green tea. I don't think it makes any difference unless you were consuming many litres of it so I am making a personal choice to carry on using it as my 2litres of water daily.

Trixie - I doubt it would affect your hunger, I had no appetite whatsoever when I did my first 8 weeks and was drinking just fizzy water. Could be that your body is just trying to get you to eat!! hehe I'm struggling with that too at the moment.


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I drank some carbonated (soda) water last night but I mixed it with warm water (previously boiled) and I found it much easier to get down. Good to read this so I shan't overdo it just in case..
I've been drinking 4 litres of fizzy water since October! My losses have been a bit lower lately, but I do have less to lose now?? I really didn't think it would make any difference, I'm confused??

Clair x
Oops. I've drunk mostly fizzy water throughout and am pretty pleased with my results so I wouldn't worry too much. My pharmacist did say that fizzy water is mildly acidic so I shouldn't drink it just before bed because of my teeth (!).

Hey ho - too late for me anyway.

Oh I always drink fizzy since on LT never liked it before but love it on this, love the taste in my mouth when its fizzy :):) ah i will have to keep drinking it, wouldnt manage without it :):)


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Thanks for checking that out, i had a feeling about the tea and coffee but the fizzy water, NO WAY!
I think alot of people will be shocked to learn that info.
i drink loads of fizzy stuff thats worrying
I was just having a read of the LT bag that I got from the chemist with all the sachets in and it says on there that you are allowed carbonated water. Sounds like the telephone guidance people don't have the same information - weird.

irish molly

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Any bottled water whether fizzy or still will have a sodium content. Some brands have much higher sodium content than others so it is always wise to check the labels. The levels of sodium should only be a problem if you were also consuming a lot of sodium in your foods. Given that we are on tfr I do not think it is a big problem. Personally, I drink filtered tap water mostly,so as to keep sodium levels low and I have fizzy water as a treat or when I am out. I do not think it will adversely affect losses either.
I was just having a read of the LT bag that I got from the chemist with all the sachets in and it says on there that you are allowed carbonated water. Sounds like the telephone guidance people don't have the same information - weird.
While using the Lipotrim formula as a Total Food Replacement, only the following beverages are allowed:

  • Tap water
  • Bottled water (soda water, still or carbonated, but not flavoured)
  • Coffee (black only, with or without caffeine as usual practice)
  • Leaf tea (black only)
Edit: ^ taken from the Lipotrim bag

Perhaps they got carbonated mixed up with "Soda", as Carbonated water is just water with oxygen infused into it... don't worry people


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Nooo cant give up the fizzy water - Its my diet coke replacement - I am addicted to bubbles lol

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