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flapjacks? i was almost sick


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LOL........ I agree...........THEY ARE VILE!!!!


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i decided to try some flapjacks this week also. Had one yesterday. I'm taking my other back to change them. I'd actually rather starve!!

I made everyone at work try a bit, i don't think they believed how bad it was! lol
yep minging things!! I have two left (supposed to be todays lunch and dinner) and they are getting swapped at WI this affy!!!

some one suggested porridge but i couldnt bring myself to even try it , incase i wasted the flapjack and had to miss a pack.


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They certainly are an acquired taste ;)

I tried half a flappy with half a vanilla pack with water & blitzed it with a hand blender.... wasn't too bad at all :D


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i'm the porridge eater:D:D:D.

ive eaten all mine this week by mixing with sweetener and hot water.

they are proper minging on their own, the sugar kinda gets rid of the salty taste.

and i will admit, that when i get weighted on saturday, i'll be getting a couple more.



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flapjacks ewww the best place for them is the bin! x


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they do get easier to swallow promise, i now get 2 a week for emergencies like shopping trips. remember you can only have 1 a day so if your a flapjack junkie be aware of this

rainbow brite

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Still got three in my cupboard and every time I open the door they look at me funny... when I start again I'll be swapping 'em over sharpish!


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They are vile. They are like saw dust mixed with a cheap peanut butter. I used to be a nut eater. Since refeed the tought of a nut in any shape or form makes me feel sick and its all down to the flapjacks. Fair play to anyone who can stomach them ....ugh


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Am with Nic on this one. Love them now!! Try them again in a couple of weeks, you will be glad of something to chew on!! (No smut intended Garry). I get 7 a week, one a day for lunch. Also helps increase your water intake as you need more to get through them!! My sister calls them oxo cubes!! lol


Eloquent hooligan
S: 14st13lb C: 13st11lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 31.1 Loss: 1st2lb(7.66%)
They are EVIL!!!!
If ever a product violated the Trades Descriptions Act it is the LT 'flapjack'....
lol :D They certainly ain't no Marathon (I refuse to call it Snickers) Flapjack.


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they are just foul, i wanted to spit it out but i didnt want to waste it
HD - I think they are going to be called marathons again soon, and starburst are going back to opal fruits..... do you remember the advert??Opal fruits made to make your mouth water......


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Oh Howdy I love Marathons. Next time I tuck into a peanut "flapjack" I will pretend it's a marathon(I have a wild imagination. lol):p

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