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Flavours please

banana,strawberry,chocolate,vanilla & raspberry(tho being discontinued i think)
peanut, cranberry, fruit, toffee and lemon
veg, tomato,thai chilli, mushroom and chicken

love the vanilla with coffee in and the banana
love penut and cranberry bars
veg soup ok - gone off rest at the mo
daisy x


Is back in the saddle!
I asked about the caramel as I had it last time and LLC said it's been discontinued, which is a shame if they have.

There are also the water addatives Sunrise Orange (very acid orange), St Clemants (a nicer orange) and the Fruits of the Forest (like blackcurrent). They all have fibre in them that helps you go. Some like them hot too.

There is also the savory broth but you're only allowed 2 of these a day and some prefer the Marigold boullion from the supermarket instead.

I have the Mushroom at about mid morning, half a cranberry bar as afternoon snack, a veg or Thai Chili for dinner and Banana mousse for dessert. Later I have the other half of the bar with coffee.
We don't have the fruit bars available but then most people say they're gross anyway!

I have gone off all the soups except veg. I do like the shakes, raspberry probably being least favourite but all nice. And the bars are good although I make the toffee and the lemon one into biscuits (chop into 8 and put in microwave for about 45secs), I don't like them straight.

Everyone has different tastes though and some like some, some like others... It's a case of trying them all and seeing which you like best.
I like the pepperoni pizza flavour soup, thats my favourite....no, sorry, just dreaming there...mushroom on the soups and hot chocolate shake are my faves.