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I am on the first week and when discussing flavours of sachets with my CDC as I am a choccy holic I said to bring me a week of chocolate... I have choc orange choc mint and chocolate - and they are all lovely.

I just thought I would post and see what other people like - and also what are the soups like - thanks for any suggestions from people. :)
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Hi schindler, you'll like the bars then when you get them. I'm not so sweet toothed and I'm craving savoury food which is limited. The porridge is brill and the soups are good. Chicken & mushroom is my favourite though. I just mad up my last soup tonight and spilled it all. I was nearly crying!


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Oh no poor you... hope you did not burn yourself. My worry with savoury soups is that I will want bread with them! I dont think I have ever eaten soup without bread - no wonder I am the size I am....Please could you tell me when are you allowed the bars - and whats this mousse thing people are talking about ? Thank you xxx
I got the bars on week 2 but most people only get them on week 3. They are rally just like a chocolate bar - maybe not quite so good- but by the time you get them you'll have forgotten what the real thing tastes like! I don't know about the mousse. I'm going to ask about that tomorrow.


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thanks - I am a bit of a choccy holic - so bars sound like a nice idea xx


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Hi, I like the choc ones too and the choc tetra is even better. I tried the toffee and walnut, butterscotch and vanilla last week and they were gorgeous. Chicken and mushroon soup is the best for me. I have only tried one bar so far which was the caramel one and I didn't like it which was to my surprise as I realy thought I would. I have the cranberry and chocolate bar to try this week so I will let you know. Zoe x


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I love the chocolate tetra's, chocolate and strawberry shake for drinking, the choc mint, strawberry and vanilla as mousse and the peanut and cranberry bars aren't too bad. also love choc tetra in coffee to make a mocha.....very nice:p also like the porridge so am quite lucky as have a choice lol



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mmn well thats a few more ones to try - seeing my CDC tomorrow as she is on holiday for week - so first weigh in will be not quite a full week... is there any price difference between the tetras and the sachets?


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Yes the the tetras are slightly more. I don't like any of the chocolate shakes. The Butterscotch was nice also the banana, strawberry and the toffee and walnut made into a muffin. Oh and the cappuccino was nice hot, I suppose you could add extra coffee to that. The original porridge is quite yummy with some added cinnamon in it.
I am quite lucky as my CDC has the whole range when I go to see her.
But I think its just a case of finding what you like.
Good luck xx
I am due to re-start at weekend, I am also just working out flavours etc, last time, I didnt like any of the soups and overkilled the choc mint as I only liked that warm.
I love the mix a mousse stuff (if they still do it LOL) I really only like banana, strawberry and plain choc, I like them blended with ice... and with a straw, i just think of it as a Daiquiri, hahahaha!

Good luck all!!!!!! x
I live off chocolate and chocolate mint, been on them 4 weeks now and havent got sick of them yet. I tried as many flavours as poss in my 1st week and didnt like any of them!

My CDC has gone away for 2 weeks now so I went today to get 2 weeks supply, I just got a box of each!
I love the soups my fave is the oriental chilli, my second fave is the mushroom one, vegetable then cheese and brocolli( no one seem to like this one because is smells of the blue cheese but I looooove blue cheese)then chick and mushroom (this is a bit bland in my opinion). Oh and I love all the shakes apart from the strawberry or banana one.:D


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just spoken to CDC and asked her to give me one to try of everything so I get a complete variety and then I can decide for myself - if they are hideous I am sure I can neck them LOL


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Hi, just had the cranberry crunch and that was yum. Zoe x


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mmmn.... I have just had the Chilli Tomato and its LOVELY - nice to have something savoury again after 5 days of chocolate ;-)


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Hi - so far my favourite flavours are oriental chilli soup (like a spicy version of Ainsley's New England Veg Chowder cup-a-soup), spicy tomato soup, the chocolate shakes, capuccino shake, and the toffee meal bar (it's going to be tricky not to eat only this for the rest of SS+! ;)). Still can't make up my mind if original or apple and cinnamon porridge is the best.

One shake I was disappointed with was fruits of the forest - I had high hopes as I love red fruits... but was really let down. It seemed 'thin' in flavour.

Am at week 3 so I have the drink flavour in Sunshine Orange - OMG it's good!
fruits of the forest does taste kack! I thought it also sounded like it had potential but no.. it has a really minging taste in it, i can't describe it. I didnt like the berry drink, had 'issues' in a pub adding it a pint of sparking water, lol, it exploded everywhere (yes I took my berry flavour in my handbag) hahahahaha

Tara x


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I'll remember not to try that with my drink flavours!!! Perhaps still water is the key... although I may try the sparkling water thing at home, sounds fun! :D


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just made the cappuchino one quite watery (10fl oz water) and hot and its nice - not quite starbucks - but definitely do-able... I am thinking would be really really nice as a frozen slushy type drink so that will be the next way I do this flavour...

Mnn... I have fruits of the forest for lunch today.... might be a hold your nose and pour it down job then?


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I have only been on the diet for 6 days and have gone from despair to elated at the choice of flavours. I personally can't stand the soups, they were soo bad, I couldn't drink the two I tried and had to throw them away, the porridge was also like taking a disgusting medication, and the trick was not to let it touch the sides. However, all was well when I discovered the chocolate tetra bricks, and going on suggestions from this site, I blitz it in a blender with ice and it is divine. I also like the cranberry crunch (my CDC allowed them in the first week!!!), but that is about it, so I will have a very restricted diet in terms of flavour. On a positive note, I will be soo fed up of chocolate by the time I finish I may never eat it again, and the chocolate and banana tretra's are lovely. For some reason they taste much better than the sachets.

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