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Flaxseed - upset stomach?


On a mission for boobs!
Ok, so perhaps this is my first stupid question, but here goes...

I joined here a few days ago and discovered the joy's of mim's.

I made myself a mim's pizza on Tuesday night, and I had a mim's savory muffin egg and bacon sandwich for my breakfast on Wednesday and I made myself a chocolate mim's muffin for supper on Wednesday night.

I've not generally been feeling well all week, but on Thursday night I had a really upset stomach, and I was still like that this morning.

Felt a bit better a few hours ago, so I made myself another mim's chocolate muffin. Think I love them!

Trouble is, after I ate it, my stomach started making noises at me again and back to the loo i went *apologies if thats verging on being too much information*.

I thought the flax might give me constipation if I ate too much, not the other way round. Do you think I just have a bug or do you think I've overdosed on MiM's?

Really love those tasty little muffins so I'm hoping its not them. :cry:
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Maybe a little too much too soon perhaps? They do seem to act as a laxative for some (not me obviously) so maybe cut down and have one every two days, just have half a day till your body gets used to them. Hope you feel better soon.
Bren xx


On a mission for boobs!
Thanks, I thought it might have been the mim's, but I really wasnt sure.

I dont think I've ever really eaten that much fiber before, so you're right, it probably was overkill for my body.


Clean green leafy machine
Another thought - sucralose has a big effect on me, so did you use Splenda in them?



On a mission for boobs!
Maybe its not the mim's, maybe its the fact that I used davinic syrup in the two chocolate muffin ones i made. Maybe its the sweetner that hates me and not the flax?

Am I clutching at straws?! lol!

I read a post earlier where someone said they thought *wait for it, I cant spell it* sucralose and immodium were made by the same company! Maybe they're right! lol!


Clean green leafy machine
That was me Claire - from one who has both in the cupboard LOL


On a mission for boobs!
Another thought - sucralose has a big effect on me, so did you use Splenda in them?

Its as if you read my mind! Yes, I just used the flax, baking powder, egg and water to make the pizza one I had on Tuesday, and same with the bun I had Wednesday morning.

But in the two chocolte muffins, I did use DaVinci's vanilla syrup instead of the water.

I generally try not to use sweeteners in anything because I have a bit of "the fear" when it comes to them.

Do you think that might be the culprit?


On a mission for boobs!
That was me Claire - from one who has both in the cupboard LOL
lol! I knew I had read that about 5 minutes ago, but could I remember who had said it?! No.

Made me really chuckle tho! :D


Clean green leafy machine
I so hear you, MiMs sound fab and it would be awful if i couldn't tolerate something in them!

Maybe try a savoury MiM instead of a sweet one?

I'm about to try and find a cheese one I saw on the flax thread, so will report back :)


On a mission for boobs!
To be honest, I only put the syrup in it because I'm not 100% taken on the way they smell without it. I'm working on it, but the smell reminds me of something awful, so been trying to drown it in vanilla!

Maybe you're right, I think I'll have a look and see if there is some savory ingredient I can mask the smell with instead of sweetener.

Let me know how it goes :)


Clean green leafy machine
Try this -

Toasted cheese sandwich
Make up the MIM basic mixture without sweetener or spices. You can add dried or chopped herbs if you like, and even garlic - whatever savoury flavouring you fancy. Add extra cream or water (or better still, both) to make the mix thinner than usual, so you can spread it easily.

Then take a square or rectangular lid from a tupperware-type microwaveable dish. Square is probably best. I use rectangular but I don't spread the mix edge to edge, I make a 'square' shape that fits my small toaster. They turn out a little thicker this way too, which is great.

Spread half of the MIM mixture on the top of the lid, and microwave as usual. When it is cooked turn the lid upside down and just 'pop' the 'slice of bread' onto your worktop or a plate. Repeat this process, letting the second slice cool.

There ya go! Two nice ready split slices of MIM bread to use in your regular toaster as normal toast, your Breville as a toastie maker, or for slipping into a toaster pocket, ready filled.

I'm sure on the packet I bought it mentioned about eating too much having an effect as it is quite high in fibre i think.


On a mission for boobs!
Oooh, I might try that tomorrow night! Thanks! I love toasties! My favourite thing to eat in the whole world!


On a mission for boobs!

I'm sure on the packet I bought it mentioned about eating too much having an effect as it is quite high in fibre i think.
Yeah, the packet I have said too much can cause constipation. But thats one thing I can safely say I don't have at the moment. Hoping its the sweetener, but I cant be sure.

It might be both! :(
It may well be the sweetener.I'm sure I read somewhere on this board that someone recommended sucralose when constipated.

I've just had it for the first time, hope i don't have the same problems!

Hope you feel better soon :)
Scale down

Your body is talking to you. Listen. Stop it right away. Give your guts a vacation....salads and non-meat & non-greasy foods until you are back to "Normal."


Clean green leafy machine
Ok this is my report back on my first ever attempt at a MiM - and I am a happy woman! :)

I made up two measures, so mixed 1/2 cup flax seed, 1 tsp baking soda, a big shake of dried basil, 2 eggs, 2 tsp cream cheese and a small handful of cheddar and let it sit for a minute.

I then whacked it into the microwave in a large french cup for 2 mins, and then turned it out to cool.

Sliced and toasted with lashings of butter, and it's pretty good - not a million miles away from Vogel linseed bread yahoo!!!

Susie :)


Clean green leafy machine
Will try this one tomorrow as it says it's less net carbs than the recipe above (which is 3.3 carbs) -

MIM recipe for quick Bread Slices or Hamburger Buns
1/4 cup flax meal
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon Splenda®
1 egg
2 teaspoons heavy cream
1 1/2 teaspoon softened butter(add more if you want a stronger butter flavor)

Optional: Add garlic, onion, parmesan, salt, etc. to kick up the flavor. be sure to add in the extra carbs

Mix well, let mixture sit for 3 minutes
Microwave on high for 1:20
For bread slices, microwave in a square dish
For buns, microwave in a round dish/bowl
Slice in half and toast in toaster
Could also toast in a pan with butter for grilled cheese

about 2 net carbs

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