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flexi syns, or weekly syns?

whats the difference? i am a go it alone girl, only been on plan 3 and half weeks, so far i have allowed myself 10 syns a day, but i am doing it on a weekly syn value so i can have a drink on a sat night? not over synning on food on a weekend or anything just drinks.

is this ok? whats flexi syns?

so far i have lost 13 and half pounds ?

is the weekly syn thing ok? that way i can dip in as and when....like i had a skinny cow mint lolly the other night.... and i make sure i dont carry them over to following week if any left over?
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I'd say that using your syns weekly is fine hun, and a lot of people do on here and lose successfully. I don't go to group either, but I know some consultants say you shouldn't use them weekly, you should use them daily, but it hasn't harmed my weight loss so far :)

As for flexi syns...if you have a flexi syn day you set yourself a limit of syns, be it, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 etc. These aren't deducted from your weekly syns i.e. you carry on the next day as normal with 10-15 syns a day. You're not guaranteed a weight loss with flexi syns, but it allows you to retain an element of control over what you eat and drink, without the feelings of guilt that a lot of people have after what they see as "blowing" their diet. It also stops that feeling of , "well I've had a bad day so I might as well carry on eating".

I hope that makes sense :)

Sian xxx
It doesn't work for everyone but I always use my syns weekly, have hardly any syns all week, then save them all for alcohol at the weekend. I have always managed to lose doing this, but I know some people can't get away with this. You could try it for one week and see if you still lose.
thats what i have been doing so far, using minimal syns all week, saving them for drinks on a weekend and am losing so far...jsut wanted to check i was doing the right thing! dont want to be cheating!
flexi syns sounds too dangerous to me! i would be too tempted! lol


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What you're doing is clearly working for you - congrats on your fab loss :)
If it aint broke, don't fix it. But if your losses slow right down (which they will do after a while), then try it the 'daily' way.

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