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Flexible Syns

Nanny Jax

getting back on track
Hiya everybody hope you're all well, I have read through a few threads today and Flexible syns have been mentioned a few times, now i was under the impression that if i was going out for a weekend say, and i just knew before hand that i was gonna break the syn bank, i could use flexible syns Right? but and this is the biggie, do i have to pay the syn manager back? lol, I am serious, please help, Jax:confused:
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If you do a search on Flexi syns on this forum it will explain it .

Basically if your your going out for a meal on friday the tues, wed and thurs before hand you would only have for instance 5 syns......the other syns you dont use- you can bank them and use them up on the friday.......for like a pudding;)

Some people though no fault of their own use more syns up than what they expected on some days, i do it all the time so what i do i cut back for 2-3days and only have 5syns- and the ones i dont use make up for my previous days indulgance!

Hope this helps

Ruthy xxx

Nanny Jax

getting back on track
Thanks for that Ruthy, i just found this..... At Slimming World we don't recommend that you save all your Syns up for the week, just so you can have a few drinks on a Saturday night. Depriving yourself throughout that week is like putting yourself in a tight corset. Before the Saturday night arrives, that corset could well have been flung off, and your eating plan been pushed aside for the week…then the month…then the year.

Food Optimising means that you can allow yourself a flexible Syn day once in a while, and not have to save up Syns beforehand, or deprive yourself afterwards.

Nanny Jax

getting back on track
It's because i read that before, that i was getting confused with some of the posts i read today, it seems a few people are unsure about what flexible syns are, well i hope that helps anyways. Jax
Yes to a point its true not to use ALL of your syns for a blow out on the weekend Thats why i always have some syns for instance

ill have 10 on tues
8 on wednesday
6 on thusday
4 on friday and saturday i will use up my spare ones for a night out etc.

Ive noticed if i do not eat all my syns or at least some of them EVERYDAY i have a poor weight loss.

So its like most thing in life....all in moderation.

Now go and enjoy your syns and play with them a bit.

Ruthy xxx

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