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I understand that these are not for "slip ups" so can anybody tell me if this is what it means?

I made a conscious decision to have a cheeseburger at work. I wasn't giving into temptation or having a "bad day". I knew I would go over my syns. So I chose to eat it and forego the bun. I don't feel guilty and I don't feel like I fell off the wagon. I know that it could affect my weight but I felt very in control of my decision. Tomo I will wake up and have my usual breakfast on the plan and carry on with my normal sw eating habits. It also wasn't a knee jerk decision. I had planned on it before I even went to work. Since I woke up this morning. I don't plan on doing this every week. But I'm actually very proud of myself. I feel that I was exercising my flexisyn. Is this the approach that they're talking about?
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Yeah that is the basic idea I would say.

I did the same yesterday... Those chicken Goujons had been in my freezer calling my name since before Christmas. So I made a conscious decision to flex my syns so I could have a lazy oven cooking only evening.

The only other point they say in group that even if you are going to go over syns, you should still set yourself an upper limit and keep counting so that you stay in control. I often think that this is most important on nights out when the temptation is to just tell yourself you can have what you want and then go a bit crazy.

I have to admit though that when I lost 2 stone before, I never ever ever counted on flexible syn days. I'd feel a bit guilty the next day and sometimes it'd take me a day or two to get back fully on the plan. Yesterday was the first time I have flexed since... I set myself a limit of 40 syns, kept count and I have to say subsequently there is no guilt and that I can hop back on the plan with ease as it was my choice to flex and I stayed totally in control. :D


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I think the main point of flexi synning is that you feel in control and therefore do not feel later disappointed at yourself and demotivated. From what I read that's exactly how you felt so yes well done! xxx


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Haha, Unless you had a time machine, that would be impossible since you joined before me! I do declare that I did not copy you either though... We obviously are just both women of taste :D