Florida Booked ! :D yipeeeeee

Discussion in 'Holidays' started by Billie-x, 8 February 2013 Social URL.

  1. Billie-x

    Billie-x Full Member

    We have booked Florida for November!!!
    I cant wait, this is a huge reason why I want to lose the weight and be healthy, walking round the parks all day is hard work !!
    Also the food out there is also huge lol.
    Just thought id share my excitement :):)
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  3. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    Hey I can join in your excitment. We're off to Florida beg December, we last went Dec 11 & it was brill. I'm just looking a villas now & think we've found the perfect one. This time our DD is bringing her BF & his son who will be 4 when we go. Yikes, it's going to be so different than what we are used to, I'm used to going with teenagers & young adults not 4 year olds!!!!! You can't believe the planning that has gone into the holiday.

    We're doing different things like Gatorland, Dinoworld, 'lands' in Magic Kingdom we've never been to, it's going to be so exciting.

    We're are you staying, who is going with you.
  4. Billie-x

    Billie-x Full Member

    Me and my partner are going, we went in 2009 and it was the holiday of a lifetime !!!
    This time we are staying on the best western Disney partner hotel onsite its near downtown Disney.
    We love it I cannot wait to go back. Who are you flying with. We are going with virgin.
    I can't wait seams so far away lol
  5. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    We've not booked flights yet, when we went Dec 11 the flights cost £342:eek: & the plane was empty so we're booking our flights later in the year, looki liki Virgin though. Tonight I booked our villa we're staying at the Highlands Reserve which isn't too far Way from the parks.

    Super excited at the mo, I think even more so as we've been before & know how good it is.

    DD would love to stay onsite but we really can't afford it.

    DD is already thinking about the 'next' time they go:rolleyes:
  6. Nicky6

    Nicky6 Full Member

    yay lucky you.
    we dont plan to go until next year.
    We usually stay onsite at Disneys contemporary resort. :)

    do either of you use the Dis or dib for planning tips? theyre both good.x
  7. Billie-x

    Billie-x Full Member

    I love thedibb. Its amazing lol, can spend hours on there reading tips.
    We never thought we would be able to stay on site but we booked the hotel from asda travel and it was only £450 for both of us for 2 weeks!! With a £1 deposit lol :)
    Flights we booked direct with virgin they were alot, think it came to just over £1000 :(
    Just saving for park tickets now :bliss:
  8. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    I've never looked at Dis or dib, will take a look later though, now you've mentioned it.

    Crikey how cheap is that accomodation, bargin, flights are an expense, we're so lucky now we can travel out of season it saves us such a lot of money.
  9. Jenny809

    Jenny809 Gold Member

    Ok, what's the best time of year to go to Florida? We really want to plan a trip but will flights be mega expensive? Is there a cheaper time of year to go? How much could we expect to pay for 2 weeks, flights plus villa? Not bothered about staying onsite if it makes it cheaper. 2 adults plus 2 young kids (3 and 5).

    Thanks all! :)

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  10. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    If you're happy taking the 5 year old out of school the first two weeks in December are the cheapest, that's when we are going. It's just after Thanksgiving & just before the Christmas bookings.

    There are so many places to stay out of the Disney parks. We've just booked our accomodation which is on Highland Reserve, 4 beds, pool inc heating £944, our flights last time we went were £342 pp, but I'm keeping an eye on them & will book when the are about £400-£450. You don't have to get a car but we always do, I've bugeted £400 for this.

    Otherwise if you need to go during the school hols, either Easter or October, as it's rainy season July-Sept & even though it's hot it does rain a few hours a day really hard.

    If there is anything else you need just ask, I've got my little excel spreadsheet to refer to!
  11. Jenny809

    Jenny809 Gold Member

    Thanks! We need 2-3k then! :)

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  12. mishelly77

    mishelly77 Full Member

    Hi all, hope you don't mind me dropping in on this thread. We are in the process of booking Florida, just trying to find the right things to match our budgets. I'm finding travelcitydirect are coming in at really good prices for the whole package incl. car hire and park tickets!
  13. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    Hey no probs 'dropping in'. Have you thought about booking it all yourself instead of with a travel agent?

    When we first started going to Florida we used Travelcitydirect & the good thing about them was you would get discount for repeat booking. But a few years ago Virgin bought them out & I no longer find them competitive.

    I get a non official disney newsletter & apparently the disney tickets are due to go up in price soon, so it may be worth buying those soon.

    Mishelly77 when are you going to Florida & where are you staying?
  14. mishelly77

    mishelly77 Full Member

    We're looking for December 2014 at the mo. it's me and my sister and the children. We're both single parents and have never been to Florida before, that was why we were thinking of booking with an agent so we have a rep or someone at the end of a phone if something goes wrong.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated ease Happy Holidays! xxx
  15. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    I have an excel spreadsheet which has approx costs, itinery, villas i've looked etc pm me your email address if you want & i'll forward it to you.

    i must admit the first time you book something without a travel agent its scary, but you'll find the Americans are very helpful & will do their best to help.
  16. mishelly77

    mishelly77 Full Member

    Ahhh, HH your a star!!! I will DM you now xx
  17. becimarie

    becimarie Full Member

    I'm so jealous! I wish I was going to Florida this year! I am hoping to go in the summer of 2014, after my PGCE is finished. My best friend will have also finished her first year as an NQT, and she has never been to Florida (I love it there. I used to live in Virginia and I travelled down to Florida for a few weekends, as well as numerous family holidays). But it's still so far away!
  18. ukali

    ukali Full Member

    Ooh, a Florida thread:). We're off in August, it'll be our 3rd trip. Went in 2000, then again in 2011 ... this was our once in a lifetime family holiday, ha .. I wonder how many of us say that!!! This time we're going with my mum, it'll be her 1st trip to Florida:). Love TheDibb, I think my favourite is reading all the per-trip and trip reports.
  19. Billie-x

    Billie-x Full Member

    Dont book with a travel agent !!!!! Dont do it !!!!! You can book florida EASY your self, flights direct with virgin or BA, Hotel direct on many many cheap sites, and park tickets !! You will save yourself at least a thousand quid booking it yourself !!

    We have done it all DIY this year and saved loads of money !!

  20. Ali*

    Ali* Gold Member

    Another Dibber here! We are going in August too :)

    How's the planning coming along?
    Last edited: 24 March 2013
  21. Billie-x

    Billie-x Full Member

    I love the dibb, could spend hours on there lol. I love looking at the trip reports and pics :):)
    I cant wait to go back its been far to long. only 8 months to go eek !!
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