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OH and I are thinking about taking our 4 yr old (5 next Aug) to Florida in her May half term holiday.

Have any of you got any recommendations for where to stay, who to travel with, etc....would quite like to get this booked as soon as poss. if we are going to go...

Thanks guys...:)
Oh wow!! You will love it!!!

We are going over in the half term as well.

Anyway loads of recommendations but depends on your situation really. I would recommend a villa with small kids as they can to sleep while you relax by your own pool etc as if you have a hotel room then you are stuck once they are in bed really.

If there are enough of you then a villa can work out really cheap but expensive if only a couple of you.

I booked flights with Travel City as although I prefer Virgin they were A LOT cheaper this year and to be honest is just a flight and is direct so saved 700 quid instead.

Anything else you need just ask!! I LOVE FLORIDA!!

Thanks Mike....I'm really getting quite excited about it. Friends of ours have a villa over there but as you can see it is quite big so am looking at an alternative as it just us

Emerald Island Villas - Villa

Gonna check out Travel City .... and get restarted on SS as well!!! :)
Great site, Mike....thanks for that! :)
Hi Diva,

We have been to florida 4 times going 25th of next month again. This time we are stopping at bahama bay, not heard a bad word about it. Like Mike we are going this time with travel city direct, only ever been with virgin before (very tight seats) but we upgraded to sunshine premium with tcd, alot cheaper than virgin economy. Go on line to travel city direct and check out the prices, but i can not as yet comment on them, with us being tcd virgins, but Mike will be able to tell you.You will have a great time. xx
Must be a big kid thing Mike, as i love Florida too, i went twice with friends last year. And i just booked up to go back over this Xmas (just 10weeks away).

I stayed before in kissamme motels (cheap tbh) but i am staying actually on Disney resort over Xmas, as i am going to meet with frineds that work for Disney.I really looking forward to seeing in the New Year in Epcot :)

If you into space or anything such like i can highly recommend Kennedy Space Centre, i spent 2 days there last year, watched a small rocket launch and saw the shuttle on its launch pad! I loved it anyhow. And of course the theme parks are great too. I must be a big kid, as i have in past walked around Disney without any kids and not felt too old yet!

Go for it, you'll love Florida
You can get some good deals if you books flights separate to accommodation.

However, I'm lazy and have been with Virgin (bit expensive) and the last two times with Portland Direct.

Going tomorrow for two weeks in a fairly ordinary hotel on International Drive for £2000. That’s for two adults and two children over two and a upgraded car and insurance. I have looked at villa's, but to make it a more viable option, we would need to be with another family.

Good luck with whatever you decide.
We are off to Orlando on the 24th November. There is something about it that really pulls you back. This will be our second time this year and our eleventh time since 2000.

We usually travel BA but are going to give Virgin another try. The last time in November, 2002 was awful but so many people have said they use them all the time we thought we would try again.

I think, personally, Mike is right a villa would be best and they are usually very reasonable in May. We always stay at Orange Lake Golf and Country club as we have a timeshare there but it is a bit on the pricy side although it has lots of facilities for all the family.

You will love it

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Sounds good Pam.... we can have a natter about it at Boot Camp!! :D
I love Florida, been twice this yr!!!

We stayed on I-Drive at the Quality Inn Plaza, It was good, no grumbles. We are going to go back in March as there is so much to do there and you never gt round everything.

Shopping wise check out the Premium Outlets on end of I-Drive near Seaworld, I picked up a Burberry T-Shirt for £6 reduced from £35!


Yep, Florida is fab. We've been quite a few times now and I'm planning on taking a villa for a month for my 50th so that the whole family can come over for a week or two during that time.

If you're only going for a week you won't need a flashy villa to stay in as you won't have time to stay at home. The hotels and Travelodges out there are great and can easily fit 4 into a room (we had 5 when the kids were little). Somehow you're gonna have to fit in all the theme parks and water parks plus Sea World, Busch Gardens and NASA.....and that's just for starters!!! I would also suggest staying in the Kissimee area as it is much closer to the Disney resorts than International Drive, and also because Old Town is not to be missed, especially on a Saturday night when they have their Pimped-up car parade!

Of course, if you're loaded, you could stay in one of the Disney hotels and get early admission to all the parks - YAY

Beware - you will be hooked! :D