Flying & Boiled Sweets? Ears.....


Guess whos back...

Just had a worrying thought regards my pending flights this week. I always used to suffer from very painful ears when taking off and landing, to the point the pain used to bring tears to my eyes in a grown man. :(

So for past 10 years+ i always overcome this by eating/sucking about a whole pack of Lockets (for the decongestant) before each flight. I completly forgot about this and went shops last night and thought must get my Lockets for plane, when of course i suddenly remembered my SS Diet. :confused:

Anyway around this?
Dont suppose theres any decongestant sweets or chews i can get away with is there? Oh man its so gunna hurt :mad:

And yes ladies, i am a typical man and cant take a little pain !!!
Erm don't think you're going to strike lucky and find any boiled sweeties to assist, hun - but do you think you could cope just by drinking water? It's the swallowing action, isn't it, that keeps your ears equalised.

Or you can do an old diving trick of holding your nose and breathing sharply out through your nose which will also help equalise the air pressure in your ears (you should hear a little pop if there's air blocked in them).

I used to scuba dive.......I used to be quite interesting before the children came along lol!

Have a great holiday, mate!!

Yes try sugar free gum, they do the menthol, strong flavour type now.

So sugar-free tunes etc is def fine? Wont knock me out Ketosis at all, dont want to spend holiday with cravings or headaches etc.

The flavour may make you have a little craving everyone is different but balanced against the pain you could experience I know which I would opt for.

It will only be on taking off and landing don't eat packets of the things, drink plenty of water and keep focused.

Have a great holiday.
I too get very very very painful ears the only thing I have used to combat it are the flight ear plugs. They release air pressure gently. Thank the lord for them. I couldnt survive without them - on a flight without them I feel my ears are going to pop and ill go deaf!!

Got them from boots - they are white/clear plugs. Can get them at airport shops aswell. Had to hunt for them in boots - always check by the travel plugs/mosquito sprays.
I always yawn .... lots and lots at about the sore ear point.. always works for me.. not had boiled sweets since i was about 15... but i'm a bird like.. they make us hard ;)
Have worn them for whole flight, would not recommend it, actually gives you sore ears!
What I do is put them in before take off and then out after 15/20mins, then back in again before landing 30mins when they give warning.
Have had long haul journeys doing it this way and has been fine.
Luckily for me my ears don't get effected one jot!

Try sugarfree sweets or the chewing gum. Better still suck and drink some water through a small straw.