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Food diary, goals and thoughts 2016.

14stone 12lbs - 2nd January 2016.

Two years ago, I was 10 stone and was out enjoying my life, now I'm on my way to 15 stone and can't bare to leave the house for the fear of people judging me. I think about my weight from the moment I wake up till the moment I fall asleep. I hate the way I look and feel so it's got to stop.

I know what I need to do, eat healthy, exercise and loving myself will come but it's so difficult to get off the anxiety/depression waggon that I can't see myself ever succeeding. So here I am to make a fresh start, document my food, set some goals and heal myself.

1. I'm not going to think about my ultimate target weight or all the different weights I have been at different times in my life. I want to start a new and final journey, my first goal will be to lose 1 stone.

2. Not only am I a yo-yo dieter I am a yo-yo exerciser too! I have been at my fittest training 6 times a week. I have not exercised consistently for over a year so my first goal will be to go to the gym three time per week and try other form of fun exercise.

3. I absolutely love clothes and make up and being dressed up but since gaining weight I never feel comfortable enough to be out. I am going to see Adele in London April 4th 2016 and will buy myself a gorgeous outfit in a size 12 that I will wear.

4. Eating right and exercising is all well and good but if I am not coping mentally that's when I sabotage myself. I need to find a way to heal my inner child and let go off the past and let myself be happy because I deserve it. I will research more and talk to someone/group.

I was stalking other members and read that she planned to reward herself with a tattoo for every stone she lost. Sorry I can't remember your name but I am stealing you idea and will reward myself with £100 for every stone I lose and already have a few ideas of what I will treat myself to... XO

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Saturday January 2nd

It's probably worth noting here the weird relationship I have with meat. I don't even need all the fingers in one hand to count the times I have meat in the last 6 months. As mental as it sounds one day in nandos I was looking at he bright white chicken and was just couldn't bring myself to eat it. Which probably hadn't been the best thing for my weight considering all I've ate since then 99% of the time has been pasta and garlic bread. Anyway I need to stop being a lunatic and try things again.

Brunch was beans on two slices of mini hovis hexb toast. Some grapes. Green tea and a huge glass of water.

Dinner I made homemade spag bol, I didn't eat much of the mince but it was on my plate which is progress, with a side salad and water.

Snack I had some microwave popcorn while we watched modern family. Not sure on syns! I have attached a picture if anyone can help? XO
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Sunday January 3rd

Lunch - Sunday lunch minus the meat. Syns for gravy.

Dinner - left over spag bol.

Had a couple litres of water and green teas throughout the day.

I chatted with my partner today about selling our flat and buying a house with more room and a garden, we made a plan and said we will look to move this year. I am really excited to start trying for a baby as soon as we have moved but I have insane fear of getting pregnant at my current weight. I can't imaging getting any bigger, I can already tell id be so depressed and unhappy. This is definitely my year to get back to a good place.

I need to get a shop in, it's all too easy to eat crap when my fridge is bare. Back to work tomorrow so I will get organised.Xx
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hi, good luck on your journey
looked but can't find the syns for that popcorn, sorry
if you are on FB the SYNS ALLOWED page has a huge data bank of syn values for stuff :)
Just been added to syns allowed and I love it!! It's got me right in the mood to do my shopping and food plan for the week. Thank you for introducing me x
Monday January 4th

Down 4lbs to 14stone 8lbs. Can't believe it after only three days! I am going to be weighing in on a Monday morning from home so that's why I've weighed again so soon. Now to keep myself of those wicked scales for a week.

Lunch - Toasted wrap hexb, with spinach, beetroot, carrot, peppers, jalapeños and cheese hexa.

Dinner - ASDAs chickpea dahl (
I think this is still free?) rice and slimming world Indian chips.


Snacks - banana and sweet clementines.

First day back at the gym today, 30 minutes on the treadmill - 1.85 miles and 180 calories. Can't even explain how hard it was or how purple I was after that! Goal for January is exercise three times per week. 1 down, 11 to go.

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Tuesday January 5th.

Brunch - 2 x nimble hexb, 2 x chicken sausages 1 syn, beans, scrambled eggs with milk hexa, large glass of water and cup of tea with milk hexa.

Snacks - satsumas.

Flo has moved in for the week, I'm in bed with my hot water bottle feeling sorry for myself. Think I will get a take out salad box for dinner because I can't be arsed to cook.

Wasn't planning on going to the gym today either but feel like I need to do something to get me out of bed for a bit. Found the squat challenge and think I will work my way through to day 5 so it's easy to remember where I am upto.

Update - dinner was a chicken and rice salad box. 6 syns for feta.

Done day 1 and day 2 so far. 105 squats done.

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Wednesday 6th January.

Breakfast - overnight oats hexb, with banana and asda fat free yoghurt. Huge glass of water and green tea.

Still didn't get up this morning, had a session booked in for 6:15 and didn't get to work.

Lunch - tomato and herb mugshot. Satsuma and banana.

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Wednesday 6th January.

Snacks - Banana and Satsuma's.
Dinner - 2 x heck chicken sausages 1 syn, chips and beans.

Then I had FOUR!! biscuits, not sure on syns but think about 6 EACH!! 24 syns!!

Didn't go to the gym and didn't do any squats......
Monday 11th January.

14stone 6lbs. 2lbs off this morning, 6lb in the last two weeks.

Running around like a headless chicken today with work. Ended up snacking on fruit most of the day, then made my own arribiata sauce with pasta.
Tuesday 12th January.

Breakfast - Blueberries and strawberries.
lunch - Batchelors cheese and broccoli pasta and sauce.... made with water... not sure on sysns?

Dinner - Left over arribiata sauce and pasta.

Really not feeling it at the minute. Don't know if its because I am so busy with work Ive never had a spare minute so plan meals or do a proper food shop. No exercise either due to working so late....
Wednesday 13th January.

Breakfast - Blueberries and strawberries (again - still haven't been shopping)

Lunch - Ainsley cous cous with spinach added.

I have asked my better half to sort dinner tonight... I have sent him a couple of links to recipes... so we will see.
Thursday 14th Janury
I can't remember what I ate but I was definitely on track.

Friday 15th January.
Food was on plan but then had a few glasses of wine, some prosecco and shots!!

Saturday 16th January
Woke up rough but still managed to stay on plan all day. My friend made the slimmers kebab and we had slimmers chips with garlic and pitta that would have to be syned. Then more prosecco :/

Feel a little bit gutted I've drank so much this weekend but I am still within my weekly syns so we will see.

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