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Food Diary new starter!

Could someone check if this is ok? Its my first day. i am going for a meal out which is why the tea bit is high and TBH its a guesstimate but i cant bear to give up the syn! im doing EE.

Brekfast: beans grilled mushrooms and scrambled eggs (no added milk or anything). tblsp brown sauce and splash of milk in coffee (1/2 syn each)
Snack: Fruit
Dinner: jacket potato with beans and 42g mozerella cheese (HE1). Fat Free yogurt.
Snack: Fruit, slice of whole meal toast (HE2) with 2 teasp light spread (2 syns?) and tblsp tomato purree (0.5 syn).
Tea: Prawn salad with mostly free stuff but it will have coleslaw full fat so im putting that down as 7 syns, as its usually quite a dollop.
Before bed: Options (2 syns)

total 12.5 syns.

Does this sound ok, too much or what? thakyou in advance.:)
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ok well i know i probably went over my sins as i ended up having extra at the meal but (and i know i shouldnt have looked) i put on 3 pounds yesterday argh!! and its weigh in tomorrow!
Todays menu (EE)
Brekfast: mushrooms cooked in fry light, beans and 2 scrambled eggs. tblsp brownsauce (1/2 syn) coffee (milk 1 syn)
Snacl: Banana and a pear.
Dinner: jacket potato with beans and 42g mozerella, tblsp low fat coleslaw (2 syn).
Snack: lasting satisfaction yogurt,tangerine, alpen light bar.
Tea: uncle bens mexican rice pounch (2 syn) with sweetcorn, peppers and onion and tomato puree (1/2 syn)
Snack: options hot chocolate with splash of milk (3 syn)
Total:9 syns.
Hi Suse.
Just reading your plan. Try and vary what you are eating for lunch, as you will really fed up of the same things all the time and there is so much more that you can have especially doing the EE plan. Also try and eat more fruit and veg, these are the "bulk" things that will fill you up more.
Another tip would be to not weigh yourself at home (easier said than done I know), but your determination to stick to the plan could be swayed by the results you see on your scales, especially if they show a gain.
Good luck with your weigh in tomorrow Hun and dont panic!!!
Have a look at the other food diaries to give you some ideas too, I've certainly picked up a thing or 2 having a browse!! Lol!

ok well i didnt have an options hot chocolate i had a horlicks light with 50ml milk...totally not realising id got the wrong thing and should have bought extra light, then found out what id just drank was 6 syns! taking the total to 13.5 today. least im not over 15 but not much hope for weigh in tomorrow. :-(
Plan for tomorrow:
Brekkie: mushrooms beans scrambled egg. coffee 1 syn.
Snack: Fruit
Dinner: jacket beans 20g moz cheese and low fat coleslaw (last day of this then having a change just using up whats left) 2 syns. yogurt.
Snack: fruit, slice bread with tom puree 1/2 syn and 20g moz and spring onion.
Tea: Morrisons eat smart chicken sweet and sour (1 syn correct me if im wrong but i think i saw somewhere this was right?) and stir fry veg.
Snack. Yogurt with tsp honey (1 syn), options with milk (3 syn), berries.
total syns for day: 8.5
ok had slice of toast instead of eggs for brekfast, bad mistake as now i dont have anything other than fruit or yogurt for afternoon and fruit never keeps me going all afternoon and im having yogurt twice already. nevermind. and the sweet and sour is 3.5 syns not 1. so might cut the coleslaw out from lunch so that would make 8.5 still if i dont have the tomato puree.

Had weigh in today, for my first week ive put a pound ON!
ok so i had a change of lunch, had mexican rice (2 syns) with salad and prawns and a muller light.

Just read someone elses diary and they had totted up the calorues just out of interest. now theres was 1200 for the day which is what i would say is a normal diet diet if that makes sense. However im just going to tot mine up and im pretty sure im gunna be way more. yup 2002 cals. no wonder im not losing, but i thought you could eat as much as you wanted on as long as its free and you keep to your HE and syns. not working for me... :confused:
Dont count calories Hun as its completely different with SW. Dont worry over the gain this week, it can be quite normal for a small gain and if you stick to plan, next week you will see a loss.
Just make sure you dont guesstimate your syn values or if something needs to be weighed, then weigh it accurately as this is when you could find that you are having a few more syns than you thought.
You can have up to 15 syns a day too, so you are definitely not going over!
If you have a chance, have a look at my diary, it should give you some ideas. I work from 8.00-5 Monday to Friday and I also have an evening job at least 2-3 nights a week (registered sitter) and I can still find the time to make meals even with a 3 year old and a Hubby to entertain! Lol.
ok last night i made some cous cous buns with muller light and splenda and dipped them in VLF natural yogurt, they were lush!

Todays Menu:
Breakfast: veg omlette with 42g moz cheese (HEA) and coffee with 50ml skim milk (1 syn).
Snacks: alpen bar (1/2 HEB) and fruit.
Dinner: Uncle Ben Rice pouch (2 syn) with sweetcorn and a VLF yogurt.
Snacks: alpen bar (1/2 HEB) and fruit.
Tea: cod with SW chips and mushy peas and tomato sauce (1 syn).
Snacks: cous cous buns with VLF nat yogurt. Options with 50ml mikl (3 syn)
Total syns: 7 :D
Ended up having some sort of tomatoey chicken thing with spices that my boyfriend made me (annoying cos i had my lunch planned and he wouldnt tell me if he put oil in it and looked at me as if to say dont be ungrateful ive made you lunch so dont moan) so i counted it as 2 syns anyway and it was really nice and just mainly tinned toms. there was only a bit of it and hes not a massive oil user so hopefully this will cover it. my tea was gorgeous ive taken a photo to put on the photos bit when i get round to it. plus my boyfriend has set me up a little gym upstairs so gunna actually get round to doing some exercise other than walking.
todays menu
Breakfast was 2 egg omlette with 42g mozerella cheese HEA and beans. coffee with milk, 1 syn.
Snack: fruit and alpen light (1/2 HEB)
Dinner: Uncle ben rice pouch with sweetcorn (2 syn) muller light.
Tea: salmon, roast potatos and brocolli. 2 mini cous cous buns dipped in naturel yogurt.
Working at my pub job tonight so will *try* not to pick at anything as there tends to be loads of lovely things to eat there its gunna be hard, and is usually why i fail and put on every weekend.

Ok well the weekend was mixed had a terrible night friday ended up with a takeaway, felt so cross the next morning with myself. did well all saturday until the night when i had a full share pack of these newcadbury snow balls and some toffee popcorn. yesterday went over my sins due to drinking too many vodkas oops! but did well with the food side.

Today: (Red Day in an effort to boost loss for wednesday)
B: Sausage sandwich using morrisons eat smart pork sausage and a brown bread roll HEB1 and a coffee using milk from HEA1 allowance. tablespoon brown sauce (1syn)
Snack: Banana and tangerine.
Dinner: bacon onion and cheese (42g half fat chedder HEA2) quiche with salad and a muller light.
Snack: Fruit.
Tea: homemade bolognaise with extra lean mince and tinned toms with herbs in a small jacket potato (HEB2). Boiled brocolli and colli.
Snacks: cous cous buns x 4 (4 syns) with VLF naturel yogurt and a options hot choc (2 syn)

Total for day: 7 syns :)
Tuesday (WI tomorrow!) College today from 1pm till 8 so have to have tea there with no access to anything even a kettle.
Breakfast: 1 and a half morrisons eat smart sausage with grilled mushrooms on 1 toast (HEB1) with brown sause (1 syn) and coffee (milk from allowance HEA1).
Snack: Banana and tangerine.
Dinner: Bacon veg and cheese (HEA2) quiche with salad and a muller light. extra light salad cream (1 syn)
Snack: 2 cous cous mini buns and an apple (2 syn)
Tea: Bacon sandwich (using a brown muffin HEB2) with tomato and lettuce and extra light salad cream (1 syn)
Snack: 2 cous cous mini buns with a tangerine, (2 syn) and warm milk with cinnamon (using milk from allowance).
Total syns: 7
lost 1.5 this week so im 11stone 10.5. if im good this week (ie dont have the takeaway and family sized bag of chocolate and popcorn that i had last weekend) im hopeing for 2.5 - 3 pounds next week.

Today: (red)
Breakfast: 28g porridge (HEB1) with milk from allowance (HEA1), mixed berries and a banana.
Lunch: Quiche and salad (HEA2 for cheese on quiche) and a yogurt. ELF salad cream (1 syn)
Tea: fillet of smoked salmon with carrots sprouts and brocolli and 4 new potatos( HEB2).
Snacks: Fruit, VLF yogurts, 1/2 brown muffin (3 syns) and an option hot choc (2 syns)
Total syns: 6 :)
Had 8.5 syns last night as had a vodka (2.5) and swapped the 1/2 brown muffin for the same syns amoount of gravy.
Plan for today: Green

Breakfast: Cheese toasty (HEB1 and HEA1) with sliced tomato. grilled mushrooms and low sugar baked beans. coffe with milk from allowance (HEA2).
Snack: Banana and apple.
Dinner: Mexican rice with sweetcorn (2 syns) and a muller light.
Snack: 2 Alpen lights (HEB2) and a tangerine.
Tea: Home made veg curry with rice.
Snack: berries and yogurt, options hot choc (2 syns).
Total: 4 syns.
ok so pretty pee'd off, had a row with OH last night and ended up eating half of his braised steak in thick gravy with morrisons cheesy mash, so despite only being set for 2 syns yesteraday im gunna hike that up and say i ha the full 15 at a guess maybe more. But new day today suppose even tho im feeling like crap as i hardly slept last night and ive got a full weekend of work with a sulky OH to cope with as well, so not good for my diet its this sort of thing that sets me off on a bad time with the diet side of things. Anywho,
Green Day
Breakfast: beans and a slice of cheese (HEA1) on Toast (HEB1) with a milky coffee (HEA2).
Snack: Banana
Dinner: Mexican Rice with sweetcorn (2 syn) and a muller light.
Snack: 2 Alpen Lights (HEB2)
Tea:Home made Veg curry with brown rice.

Then working at the pub tonight which is always bad but im gunna try not to touch anything at all. Then home to bed straight after... might fit a voddy and soda in before that though depends on how im feeling. So either 2 or 4.5 syns today hopefully.
ok had a terrible weekend not even thinking about it. this week im making just abit of an effort to just keep an eye on the calories i know your nt supposed to but i just dont feel like im making any progress so im just noting anything that isnt super free just to make sure im not going silly.

Mondays menu:
Breakfast: sausage sandwich HEB1 with milk 1/2 HEA1 with brown sauce (1 syn)
Snack: tangerine and apple
Dinner: tuna salad with 2 tblsp extra light mayo (0.5 syn) and a yogurt.
Snacl: 2 alpen lights (HEB2)
Tea: pork chop slow cooked with veg and gravy made with 4 tsp bisto ( 2 syn)
Snack: fruit and yogurt, options with milk from allowance (2 syn)
total for day: 5.5 :D

B: sausage on 1 slice toast (HEB1) and coffee with milk (HEA1) brown sauce 1 syn
snack: fruit
dinner: briaised steak with veg and gravy (2 syn) and a yogurt.
Snacks: fruit and 2 alpen lights (HEB2)
Tea: tuna salad with mayo (0.5)
Snacks: pickled beetroot and gurkins, options with milk 2 syn
Total syns 5.5 :D

Weigh in tomorrow!
ok so weighed in this morning and ive lost a great fat NOTHING. *sigh* oh well im gunna persevere as i know deep down the real reason is my lack of adherence to the plan once ive had a drink on a weekend. must stop that its ruining all my weeks efforts so demotivating! :sigh:
Im trying to just keep a rough idea on cals and only using 1 healthy A to see if that helps this week.

Anyway, todays plan:
Breakfast: sausage on a slice on toast (HEB1), coffee with milk from allowance (HEA1) and brown sauce (1 syn)
Dinner: tuna salad with mayo (0.5 syn) and a muller light.
Tea: cod potatos (HEB2) and veg.
Snacks: fruit, VLF natural yogurt, options with milk (3 syns as its a options indulgence). teaspoon of honey (1.5 syn?)
Total syns 6 :rolleyes:

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