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    Hi Lovely people

    I started Slimming world at Easter and it is going slower than I imagined, so I have been googling for info and your forum comes up with some great advice.

    I was hoping I could post what I have and you can give me any advice on how to improve it.

    I am on EE

    Poached eggs on 2 x 400g wholemeal toast with no butter or spread

    Mid morning
    Mullerlight with banana

    Salad with meat (either chicken, ham, pork or turkey)

    Either fruit or small bag of buttons (140 calories)

    Syn free slimming world chilli with jacket potato or SW wedges
    Steak, Salad and Jacket
    Chicken, salad and jacket
    SW Syn free spag bol

    Maybe a good for you desert or merigue with fruit and mullerlight

    I drink 3 pints of water with no added sugar squash which is free.

    2 cup of coffee with a little semi skimmed milk

    I walk my dogs around 2 miles in the morning, 2 miles at 6pm and do my horses (sometimes ride)

    Any advice welcome :)
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  3. TracyGWill

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    Hiya! I think if you re-post this in the Slimming World part of the forum you'll get a lot more assistance. It's under Slimming Clubs. Good luck! :)

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