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Food Ideas?


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hey hunny!
m&s healy range is very good, (is it 'count on us' they are called? i cant remember!) they do a chocolate mousse that is heavenly and is 2 1/2 ww points. it was a livesafer when i was on ww. 'skips' crisps are quite low as well, snack a jacks are 2 points a bag. if i think of anymore ill let u know.


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Hey everyone,

Well I am going to go shopping tomoz

Wanted ideas on lowest but nicest crisps, treats, meals, sandwich fillers and cereals?

Thanks ladies.

Anna xx
The kellogs variety pack of cereals is a good idea - no need to weigh and range from 1 point to 3 for a box :)

I love the WW Apple crumble and toffee sponge desserts - 50 secs in the microwave YUMMMM

Snack a jack popcorn is great - the toffee one tastes just like butterkist

And frazzles are supposed to be really low if you can find them!

I'm just about to have tesco value fishcakes, 2 potato waffles and baked beans for my dinner :)

Crisps - I would definitely go for walkers lites, they taste absolutely no different to 'normal' crisps in my opinion and are only 1.5pt per pack. My second choice would be the potato head crisps, they're nice too, and again they're only 1.5pt per pack.

Treats - hmm, so many choices so few points, lol! Depends what you like and how many points you have to spare. My favs were low fat rich tea biscuits for 0.5pt each, curly wirly's are only 2.5pts and well worth it if you can spare the points, rainbow drops are only 0.5pt a packet and go a really long way - in fact I'm usually bored of them by the time I've finished a packet which is a bonus in my mind, lol. Someone mentioned cadburys light chocolate mouse before and I think they are 1pt a tub (?). The favs and new discoveries sticky at the top of the page is brilliant for snack ideas.

Meals - do you like quorn? It's a great low point alternative to minced beef in meals such as bolognese and chilli (I'm not a huge quorn fan, but in high flavoured meals like those I can barely tell the difference!). The trick with meals is to bulk it out with veg if you can....anything with veg and gravy (for an extra 0.5pt) can make a huge meal for not many points. Otherwise I just cook the same meals as usual, just with healthy choice/low fat sauces etc.

Sandiwich fillers - I don't eat a lot of sandwiches, but (and this is gonna sound boring, but it's sooo nice) I do love chicken/ham salad sandwiches! I use light salad cream and no marg/butter, plus lettuce, cucumber and ham or chicken. If you're using 'normal' bread then a big fat salad sandwich is still only about 4 points. Otherwise the ww tuna mayo tins are brilliant for only 1pt (I'm sure they used to be 2pts!? But they're just 1pt now, and quite nice).

Mmm, I'm hungry now, lol.