'Food is my friend' - NOT!

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    Would anyone like to share with me on this? I have been having problems with overeating recently and I feel that I consider that food is a friend - always there, to soothe me when I feel stressed out. I do recognise though that I am getting heavier and heavier so this friend is not doing me any favours in associating with me in this way.

    So, in the news - e.g. last night's London Evening Standard - 'Slim Down to Beat Cancer' - the new report by the World Cancer Research Fund saying that links between excess weight and cancer are stronger than ever. I had a hysterectomy last February to get rid of precancerous conditions. I was feeling very sad a couple of days ago when I heard of yet another lady who had passed away from breast cancer. We all want to do what's best to be there for those who love us. By carrying on this way I am not doing my best.

    My dh and kids are my world yet I continue this relationship with my 'friend' and it is a truly toxic relationship which could seriously affect my health - even more so, according to this new report. I am asking myself - if this relationship were a person, wouldn't I be wanting to avoid her/him at all costs, out of self-preservation? Why would a real friend want to harm you, and the way I am eating right now is harming me?

    I need to end this 'friendship'. The overeating one. For myself, and my loved ones.

    Thanks for listening. Any thoughts?
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    Well, you don't want to make it the enemy, either. Maybe more of an acquaintance...

    It's a tough thing to get a handle on, this relationship with food. Maybe you can think of it more as a doctor. You schedule an appointment for the purpose of bettering your health. If you're lucky, you even get in on time. lol
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    I agree that food should not be regarded as an enemy. It is up to us to re-negotiate our relationship with food, and the way we view it, and to recognise that we have a right to eat.

    The only qualification to this notion is that we should try, most of the time, to eat for health. We owe it to ourselves to make sure that we nourish our poor beleagured bodies. We've gorged and starved repeatedly over the years, eaten bizarrely, dieted again and again...

    I love food, but to love it too much - and to eat too much, all the time - creates an unbalance that harms me in untold ways. I am trying to eat less than I need, most of the time, and mostly of the right foods. As a result I am maintaining a huge loss, still losing slowly and feeling more energetic and positive.

    I hope you can do the same! It rocks.
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    Hysterectomies are renowned for prompting weight gain, so don't blame yourself for all the increase, blame the hormones.

    Food can be your friend but shouldn't be your only one. Sometimes to indulge ourselves with food is a great pleasure which should be enjoyed, it is when we rely on it constantly that things fall apart. Finding more things which give you pleasure, activities which don't involve food and drink, could make all the difference.

    Have you ever looked at the Johnson Up Day Down Day Diet? It is designed primarily to improve health and since I have been doing it I have seen a big improvement in blood pressure and my weight has slowly been decreasing. Unlike many diets it still allows you to eat whatever you like on your up days.
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    I agree with you i think!
    Over eating my problem, defo.

    I think its hard because food is something you cant avoid which makes it tough to say no!
    Wll thats what i think anyway!

    When im in my OH's and ive ate my full but there is for eg still loads of mashed potato left, i would heap it on to my plate and eat ot even though i wasnt hungry anymore.

    Ive been doing great the past 4 days on SS and now i feel awful because i just had a mug of bovril!
    I thought it was ok !! lol

    I made that point because is that bovril still classed as overeating? Or is that justified because ive been doing VLCD for four days?

    I just dont know .....
  7. girlygirl

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    Sorry to quote myself but the 'edit' option is currently denied me. I have been trying to correct insert IMBALANCE instead of unbalance since yesterday! LOL.
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