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Food Junkies Diary now having a bash at Atkins :p

I've decided to start doing Dukan today even though my book isn't here as i'm on a day off and want to get cracking.
So for breakfast i made a galette using the attack recipe. 1.5 tbsp oat bran, 1.5tbsp quark, 1 egg a little sweetener and skimmed milk.
Its fair to say that i didn't enjoy it at all, although i ate it, i'm going to try with vanilla essence and if that doesn't work i'll have to try another way of getting the oat bran in as i'm determined to give this a bash.
So my menu for my first day for breakfast and lunch (i'll add dinner later not decided that far ahead yet :D)
B-galette:sick:, vanilla muller light and tea with skimmed milk.
L-sliced turkey breast and sf jelly.
Lots of water inbetween too :D
Wish me luck, i'm off to walk the dogs and clean out my bunnys to keep me occupied until lunchtime after the jk show.
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Lol, galettes are funny things. once you get it right they are great sort of a cross between a wrap and an omelette. Sweet or savoury they are good, hope you get to grips with it soon
Good luck with getting the galettes to your taste. If it's any help, I prefer them with egg white only, they taste less 'eggy' and more 'bready'. Also heat your pan before starting to cook then once the mix is in the pan, turn the heat right down and leave it until well cooked (and the top should be practically cooked too). Having a good heavy-based pan helps. I don't oil the pan and it doesn't stick.

If you like cinnamon, I can recommend trying that in your galette another time.

If not, it's nice as porridge (my husband managed to eat his this morning - first time he's ever had porridge because "oats are for horses:rolleyes:") or as a cake/muffin (recipes for both on recipe thread) or try rhubarb crumble, - lovely. Basically, I could probably eat 3 times the amount of oatbran that I'm allowed now and I never thought I'd say that after my first galette (which I thought I could give or take although quite nice, fair enough).

Good luck!


Not very good at this!
I'm not fond of the muffins or the galetttes so I often make crumble or a kind of cookie - although I only get 1 cookie as opposed to half a dozen muffins, I prefer the taste.
Never made a galette, though from many reports they are hard to get right to begin with.

I have it in muffins(love them coffee flavoured or plain with smoked salmon) or just in yogurt or as crumble topping (mmmmmmmm).

Good luck!

Did you work out your true weight on the dukan site?
How many days of attack?
Hi the dukan site said my true weight was 11st 8lbs it said only two days of attack which i'm quite relieved about might go in for three lol. it also said i'd be out of cruise by mid feb 2011 and onto conso. Role on feb 2011 lol.


** Chief WITCH **
Hello there Kay...

I cried REAL TEARS while chewing on my first galette... I had been so excited at finding this diet, and couldn't believe I was expected to eat *that* each day...

My other half took pity on me and made my galettes for me for a few days, and then we invented our smoked salmon muffins and haven't looked back since! Even on "non diet days", our muffins tend to figure somewhere or other...

So persevere... and try one of the other recipes if you really can't stomach it...

How lucky you are to be so tall... you're allowed to weigh more!
Thanks it has its advantages being tall lol. Although i feel that weight may be a little too heavy still but we'll see i've got to get there first.
Just had my lunch the turkey was nice not had the jelly yet but i know what that tastes like lol.
How long is it before you hit ketosis?
I'll have to try baking muffins but i'll try the sweet ones as i don't like fish lol.
Think i'll make some home made burgers tonight :)


** Chief WITCH **
Most people say by day three... but I'm a quick learner and day two usually sees me there...

I have an astonishingly sweet tooth (or did at least "in my previous life") and so wanted to avoid sweet things for breakfast hence opting for smoked salmon... feeling that a luxury in itself (even when bought in Lidl!).

I had sachets of jelly mailed over to me from England... I love jelly!
Hello and good luck!!!!
Jo i can always send you jelly too if you like - along with the cocoa powder ;)


** Chief WITCH **
That's kind Vicky but I got a tonne in - literally - and the other half is going in November so I will be able to make a bath full ... (just imagine... sitting in a bath full of jelly;.... oooooh heaven snuffling it all up!)
That's kind Vicky but I got a tonne in - literally - and the other half is going in November so I will be able to make a bath full ... (just imagine... sitting in a bath full of jelly;.... oooooh heaven snuffling it all up!)
Oh nooooo, the thought of sitting in a bath of jelly. YUK.

Or even having to eat it. Actually I think I'd rather sit in it.:cry:
aww laura, yes i couldt cope with the stickiness either...errr making me all goosepimply thinking about it x
hiya kay

thought i would say hello on your own dairy :)

good luck with your galettes - i made my first one last night and i really enjoyed it as a savoury dish - without the sweetner - i really dont have a sweet tooth at all - so you could try it that way

Dinner tonight was an omelette with quark pepper and turkey ham don't know if its allowed or not as haven't got book still :( i've also snacked on chicken legs no skin this afternoon. Later on i'll have a muller light and the jelly i've still not ate from lunch. :)
sounds fine hun i have turkey ham some times just drink ect water to see off the salt xx
lol i love putting the jelly in the middle of the yogurt ....im such a kid
This morning was more of a success made dukan porridge. Lunch will be chicken and a boiled egg with jelly and a vanilla muller. I'm at work today but hopefully my book will be there by the time i'm home.

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