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Food mentioned - 1000 cal meal

Can I just check if anyone knows with regards to rice, is it 40g dry weight?

Anyway, just had a chicken breast, with black pepper. Made up some rice, put mushrooms in with it to cook and some curry powder.

Not had my lunchtime salad, so had that in the form of just some iceberg lettuce. Not had milk (don't like cows milk and soya curdles sometimes) in coffee, so had yoghurt instead, with black pepper and mint.

It was delish, but there was loads of it and even though I am sure I haven't gone over my limit I'm finding it hard to get my head around eating so much.

So today I've had 1 egg, 1 piece granary bread, 2 shakes, 1/2 banana, 1 piece chicken breast, 40g rice, 2 mushrooms, some lettuce.

I know it's because I've been on SS for so long and then SS+, that it seems like a lot. I'm still going to have it, because I'm following the plan and I want to do this properly and get used to food again.

Does anyone else panic like this? I know you're on it now Curly and you've been on it a while Caroline.
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Yup the rice is dry weight.

I totally get what you mean Liz, I was like it too at first. To be honest, I still struggle a bit sometimes. But what you've had is exactly what you're meant to have, you haven't gone over. So I really wouldn't worry about it.

Is this your first week on 1000? I guess after you've had your first WI you should feel better about it because you'll know you've been doing it right!

I often have the chicken, new potatoes with mushroom and courgette all diced up and mixed in a wok with cajun spices, paprika, chilli and stuff. The first time it seemed a HUGE portion, still seems big considering it's a diet. But I guess it's the fact that it's a healthy balanced meal. And lunch is relatively small. Obviously dinner is actually a huge meal in comparison to the others.

But I really wouldn't worry, you're doing it all as you're meant to! It does get easier and better though.

Sunshine Singer

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I found 1000A was a pleasure but I'm finding 1000B really tough going. The carb portions are way too big for me, I never used to eat as much carbs.But you soon get used to the quantities hun.

Good luck xxx


Cambridge Consultant
Hey Liz,
Sounds perfect to me hon, sounds like you have it spot on!!
I feel nervous about it.. like Im doing something wrong. it must just take some time to get used to.

Does anyone know if its ok to have the rice in the day rather than at night..

For me today I had..

museli, grapes and strawberries for breakfast

then for lunch I had rice and cucumber...

and had a bar about 3pm when I took the kids to a party..

then had a cold tetra about 5.3pm ..

then had chicken with lettuce and cucumber for dinner and mushrooms..........

Does that sound ok!!!!!


Slimming down the aisle
Yup, that sounds ok curly! I had to do a bit of working it out though!! You do what I do a lot, mix up what you're allowed. I don't often have everything in the meals you're meant to have them in, but rework it all!
Thanks guys. Glad I'm not the only one finding it a bit weird. I think it is when you mix things up, like you said Caroline.
The other night I had fish (not the entire amount, as that was 3 pieces!!! so had 2), mixed with mushrooms, the rice, curry flavourings and it was a huge meal.

It is nice, but I think it's almost like I want to check with someone that I'm doing it okay!

Yours sounds great Curly. It's interesting to see how many different concoctions you can come up with. Am so glad we can have mushrooms, as I could live off them.


Cambridge Consultant
So do you think its ok to have carbs at lunch instead of dinner!! I just would prefer to do it that way round or is there a reason why we have to have them for dinner?
I asked my CDC and she said it was fine Curly. I think that the 3a plan is carefully controlled in terms of protein and carbs, but you can swap and change throughout the day.

I am thinking of making up the whole amount of chicken or fish, mixing with rice and veg and then taking half into work for lunch and keeping half for dinner.

Can't see why it wouldn't be good. I quite like the idea of having carbs at lunch as well.


Cambridge Consultant
thanks hon, I dont want to get it wrong..
but would prefer the carbs in the day at the moment if its allowed to be done that way..
I am enjoying doing this ... its really good to be bringing proper food into the equation and being in control of it!


Slimming down the aisle
Nope, I think it's fine! Just plain salad leaves at lunch isn't all that appealing to me really. So sometimes I'll mix stuff around. Like the other day I had a shake for breakfast, then boiled and egg and sliced it, and diced up the toast and added that to my salad. Or I'll have the chicken or tuna from dinner with the salad, and then have the rest of the dinner stuff at dinner. There's no real order with me! Like the fruit I spread out over the day generally too!


Slimming down the aisle
I feel the same Curly. I'm obviously nowhere near goal, but I think I prefer this plan as I'm still losing but feel like I'm learning more about getting in control of what I eat, when I eat and stuff like that!
I know what you mean about getting used to eating and being in control of it, but I have been feeling quite fed up since starting it.
I think it must be the effects of not being in ketosis and having that high.
I also find that because I do have to think about food so that I can plan my meals, it reminds me of a time when I wasn't in control of what I was eating.
Basically, I'm finding 1000 quite an emotional experience.
I know that I have to go through it at some point though, so might as well now.
I didn't want to SS all the way up to my holiday and then, because I hadn't introduced food, go through this whilst being tempted by loads of nice things.

I figure if I can get in control of it now and learn good habits, then by the time I go on holiday in Sep I'll be more confident.

Do either of you feel emotional?
I've just realised that I might be feeling emotional/stressed because I had my depo injection on Wed, which is the day I went onto 1000. Hadn't even thought of that, but normally I do feel a bit fed up after the injection, so I bet it's that as well.


Slimming down the aisle
Emotional? YUP!!!! It's ridiculous. I didn't really think about putting it down to the diet, but quite possibly yeah!


Cambridge Consultant
I have totm so have been feeling a little like that but I dont feel emotional about the diet . a little apprehensive as I dont want to be putting on weight and doing anything wrong if that makes sense as still have some more weight to lose...
We can do it....
Liz, Im going away in September too so by then we will both be ready and used to having the food so it wont be such a culture shock.. and we will just go for the healthy options xx


WILL be Slim!
i know i'm not at the 1000 cal stage, but i just wanted to say how impressed of you all i am!
To go so long on SS/SS+ and now watching you all reintroducing the food, and having such wonderful control over the whole situation is so positive, and such hope for those not there yet!

Keep up the good work! :)



Cambridge Consultant
Lizz, hon you have done so amazingly well your losses are unreal!!! You will be on 1000 before you know it...... Only been doing it a few days but Im really enjoying it.....
Im watching this space as I know your be there very soon! xxx


WILL be Slim!
aw thanks hun! Finding 810 confusing enough, i keep reading the 1000 cal plans and its making my head spin....looking forward to going back to SS on sat! lol! I'm a sucker for the easy life!!

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