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food poisoning 2stones 1 week???


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This is the last time!!
Trust me, I have suffered from food poisoning and it was utterly horrendous. I was ill for 10 days running, couldn't keep water down, loast loads of weight and honestly felt like I was dying, I was almost hospitalised several times. I couldn't laugh or cough without 'leaking' (soz if tmi). It took me a good 6 weeks to feel 'normal' again. No way would I ever be tempted to deliberately do it!


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I agree with jabba.

Yes you loose weight, but believe me the stomach cramps, the craps, sickness. Nah...pass me the shakes!!!!!!!!!


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lol............... its a tough choice
I had salmonella poisioning a few years ago which lasted about 6 weeks, lost loads of weight but put it all back on again when I got my appetite back. Have to agree with Emma, the cramps etc, so not worth it!


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im tempted but probably bottel it when it comes to the crunch. CD seems to not be working on me any more and my constant nibbling doesnt help......... ive got my graduation in july and seriously desperate to lose weight. gona give ss+ anotha go if not im poppong off to the supermarket for you know what ...lol...


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haha, i know where youre coming from, if i have even a small stomach upset i always say to my OH 'not to worry, maybe i'll loose a few pounds'. women are crazy.


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I'd do it lol, but then again I have even looked on the internet for tapeworms (DONT TRY THAT AT HOME) haha


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tapeworm..............lol...........me too ive investigated that idea as my sister inlaw came back from holiday in Kenya and lost just under 2stones...... but i would never do that too scary finding worms in the loo ehhhw..
Have had food poisoning too and wouldn't recommend it! CD will work for you Stoshy, you just have to cut down that nibbling!! Maybe try a higher programme - you still can have good losses on it.
I too had salmonella and it was horeendous and las tyear has gastroenteritis, ended up in hospital on a drip which was the end of my CD journey last time!
As you can see byt he fact I'm here, it didn't help me!

As for tapeworms.....
OMG the thought makes me ill!!!
Even the kids having thread worms make me heave...
I will stick to CD.... it's outta my hands... whatever plan you choose if you do it 100% you will lose weight....
Good luck with getting rid for your graduation!

ok ive been convinced im gona stay clear from prawn and tapeworm.... going to start cd 2moro strictly no cheating went dress shopping just now and it has given me the right motivation to fit into it a lil'betta for wedding on sunday....... wish me luck

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