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Foodpack availability

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Just wondering, out of interest, do you always get to freely choose your foodpacks?

Just reading the other thread what people order and quite often I just don't get a choice, and it's a matter of what's available. Out of 11 weeks, at least half of them I haven't been able to get the foodpacks of my choice as they haven't had all the stock. Usually, the bars have run out and they only have the old ones, or there will be strawberry and banana shakes available. I've been wanting to order vanilla for about three weeks now and haven't been able to have any.

I wouldn't mind, but we do a pre-order every week!

It really irritates everyone, as seeing as though we are very limited in our daily intake anyway, and paying a lot of money for LL, we should be able to ensure that there is a regular stock!! I'm starting to lose patience with it now! :mad:
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No I've never had any problems with that at all.

Don't blame you Poppy! We order ours just before weigh-in and have only ever had one soup out of stock. I guess it's all down to how organised your LLC is! I would query it with her as we should get what we're paying for after all!

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My LLC seems to have loads of stock - I think yours needs to get organised, poppysparkle.
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I think thats a bit out of order, I always get exactly what I order, and LLC has plenty of stock. Maybe it might be worth a word with LL head office. When your paying £66 per week you shouldn't have to compromise!
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Seems like it's just me then!

We've had stand in counsellors as ours went off sick, but it happened before the stand in and after. Did get a bit better for a while, but since Xmas we've gone back to not having the foodpacks when we've weighed in. I got half of them a couple of weeks ago, and had to arrange a babysitter so that I could go back the following evening to collect the rest of my order.

I know there have been issues with the LLC, but even so, we should really be able to count on having what we want. Seems like no one else has the same problem!
I think that is terrible! It's hard enough with the full set of products on offer, in fact I was going to post a question as to why there aren't more flavours like CD. Really feel for you having to just have what is left over.

I would make a point of mentioning this to your LLC, even if it is a stand-in, that isn't an excuse, they are running a business and you don't appear to be getting the best of service.

Hope it's sorted for you and you start getting 'Your choices!'

Louale x
S: 16st5lb C: 12st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.2 Loss: 3st6lb(20.96%)
Thanks Louale - never, ever had a photo taken either, or been measured since the very start! It's not on really is it?!
OMG, that is soooo bad! Can't believe your group hasn't made a complaint yet.

Maybe you should send an email to her/him and explain that you are finding it tough with a limited choice and request that they make regular orders, then ensure that he/she keeps them for you.

I'd hate to get to my group and not have any bars for the week, think it would be a very tough week for me!

Louale x

p.s Your weight loss is even more amazing considering the service that you've been receiving! Well Done!
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I'd go LL head office - LLC isn't offering the service LL set out in all of their literature.
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I agree with the others Poppy, it really isn't acceptable ...... you are definitely getting the rough end of the deal compared to the rest of us....and why should you put up with that, afterall we all pay the same money.

Your LLC is not offering the "full" service but is still expecting you to pay for it. If it was isolated occaisions then thats fair enough as problems do occur but it has happend too frequently to be excused ... and it is certainly not making your (and others) journey any easier. If talking to LLC doesn't help then I would speak directly to LL to see what they can do.

Good luck! (rant over!!)
That is realy not on.

You are paying for a service. He/She is not providing that service.
Therefore, you have a very real right to complain like crazy!

My LLC *always* has at least 2 unopened boxes of every type he keeps in stock, the only thing he doesn't have is the caramel shake as no-one ever asks for it.

Other than that, he's got loads of everything (and this is coming from a guy who orders 21 chocolate shakes a week! :p )
S: 16st5lb C: 12st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.2 Loss: 3st6lb(20.96%)
That's interesting LS! I'd probably avoid complaining because I'd feel so awkward afterwards. I'll see what it's like next week. I'm meant to be on milk week next week I think, although people who have done a few more weeks than me haven't been on it and weren't told to either. Really, this isn't good, as it's NICE guidelines at the end of the day. They should at least be giving out the advice, even though people might choose not to do it.

I had a call from the stand in LLC today actually asking me to get my very initial form stamped by work (I work in a hospital and my consultant I work for signed it). This is the medical form which probably meant I shouldn't have started until it was done. I'm now 11 weeks in!! Anyway, she's sending it guaranteed next day delivery, and I have to get it stamped and back on Monday. Not good really is it!!


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That is horrendous.

Thing that frustrates me is people experience at a life changing time could be completely shunted by incompetence that is not on their part.


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100% agree with above comments. My LLC always has loads of stock so you can pick and chose, no pre-ordering needed. I'd assumed this was the way it is for everyone.

You're not getting wht you are paying for Poppy and too often in the UK we put up with poor service. Complain, and stand up for your rights, after all this isn't a small part of your life at the moment!


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Thats is just rubbish, if you can change LLC then do it, that is not on i dont have any problems either like other members here i have an abundance to choose from.

I have a feeling your LLC does not balance her finances properly and actually order in bulk.
I agree with everyone - speak to LL themselves. Don't forget your LLC is getting paid (no idea how much out of the £66) and she's not providing a full service.

If you have another LLC in your region I'd be tempted to move as well.

What we're doing is so important - she's not doing her job properly at making it as comfortable as possible for you.

Good luck!
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Thanks for the advice. Our usual LLC is back soon I believe, although they can't really tell us when for definite. I'm hoping things improve though. There is another one, but the class I attend is about ten minutes away, and the alternative is about half an hour away, and with working full time soon and four kids to sort out, it's needs must really. Not sure if I could leave my girls in the group either, but I will say something this week if I still can't get what I want.
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Although I'm not 100%, I'm pretty sure there's something in the LL contract about levels of service and supply of packs etc. The contract is very strict (I applied to be a LLC a few years ago and the strictness was one of the factors in my decision not to continue).

As has been said, speak to HO as they have a vested interest in the reputation of their company :D
Where is your counsellor as Im North west and wondering if I am to expect this!

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