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Foodpacks - Which is your favourite ?



Do a little dance!
I'll let you know tomorrow after I've had my first!
well - out of 3 so far.....chocolate will be i reckon

vanilla was really sweet
chocolate was like angel delight
mushroom soup was surprisingly ok

the first two were very lumpy and its only my first day - so can't help anymore than that
daisy x


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I'm lucky in that I don't mind most of them. I guess my favorite of the 3 types are peanut bars (dunked in hot coffee), Chocolate shakes (blended with ice and coffee) and New veg soup.

Least favorite are fruit bars, Chicken soup and Strawberry shake.
Hi Rachii,
My favourites are Thai Chilli & Mushroom soups, Chocolate, Banana & Strawberry shakes, not all mixed together of course!!!!
You will find that your taste for all wil change throughout your foundation. Good Luck for when you start.
Janey x
Unless you know you hate a flavour (I hate mushroom and chilli) then I suggest you try all of the packs, you never know which ones you'll like.

to me, the banana was nice to begin with, then after a few weeks I went off it completely. went off the strawberry one the week after. hated vanilla from the off, tasted like cold porridge to me. only tried the veg and the chicken soup, hated both of them too.

Now I like the choc shake, and all of the bars (even the lemon one which everyone else seems to despise!)

Your tastes do change, and I reckon that if I tried most of them again now, I'd probably like them again (the strawberry one, I know I'd like now) but I figure that my 3chocs and 1bar work, and have done for over a month now, so I'll just stick to that!

Try them all, find the ones you like, and stick with it, routine will help you through, it's great not having to think about what flavour to have each "meal" time :)
So far, I like the (new) Veg soup best.
Well I only like the veg soup and nut and carnberry bars so I have mostly 4 veg soups a day with maybe 1-2 bars per week lol xXx


nearly there!! :)
since bout week 3-4 ive had ALL vanilla...i love it mixed with coffee, 2 sweetners, and hot water....oh yum!!

and i dont drink coffee at any other stage other than these!! cant stomach it! xxx
Funny you say that catz I used to drink loads of coffee but starting like 2 weeks ago if i have more than 2 a day it makes me nauseus x


nearly there!! :)
fym...the smell of a cup of coffee without the vanilla shake in it makes me gag.....oh mank!!
just finished my last vanilla one for today...yummy lol!! xxx


Fighting Demons....
I have been living off hot chocolate and cranberry/raspberry bars for weeks now. And I'm quite happy!
But I do enjoy the strawberry shake, vanilla shake, chicken soup (have to sieve it though!!), tomato soup, and peanut bars (toasted and salted).
The vegetable soup made me feel so ill.

I'd go with Pete, for your first week, have one of everything. You can see what you like then and rearrange to send the ones you don't like back to the LLC and swap for ones you do like!

B x
On day 2 and really liked Banana and Choc, Raspberry was just ok.....soups, really liked Veg, Thai Chilli and Mushroom and Chicken was just ok. Can't stomach the thought of the Tomato soup and I hear it doesn't mix well so gonna swap those when I go for a pop in tomorrow!

Catznolan I hate coffee but having read your post just might give the Vanilla with coffee a go now!

I've just finished day one and cant believe how well it went - I had been really worried that the shakes and soups would be horrible and I have been really surprised cos I liked them all!
I had a vanilla shake to begin with, and although it tasted like ice cream to begin with, by the end of it I had decided that it was a bit sweet but think it may be nicer if made with ice cubes? Can you do that? I think it really would taste like runny ice cream.
Then I tried the chocolate shake which was great! I was really surprised. The peanut bar was ok. Tasted nice but very dry. I may try the earlier suggesion of dipping it in my (black) coffee. Tonight I had the veg soup and it was brill - by far my most fave so far!!! I've not measured my water intake but have drunk lots all day and have had black coffee and black Earl Grey tea.
All in all I'm really happy about how today has gone. Hope tomorrow is as good :):):):)
Hi all, the only soup I like is veg, chocolate, strawberry and banana are my favourite shakes. The bars took me quite a while to get into but I like the 'peanut' and 'raspberry and cranberry'.
Like the others have mentioned try all the packs and if you don't like them at first try them a few weeks later as your tastes do tend to change.
JazzyB, did your LLC let you have bars even though this is your first week? They arn't supposed to, first week is meant to be shakes and soups only according the program book.

I'm not saying that the bars will do any harm, I'm just suprised that your LLC might be handing them out to first-weekers.....

Glad your first day went well though! :)


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I was given bars first week but not for first 4 days. Did me no harm!

I like all the shakes & soups, but I'm just having a tomatoe soup which now I think about it is probably my least favourite.


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Yeah - I wasn't a fan of the tomato either - had one sip the first week they came out, gagged and chucked it down the sink. Hey ho!

I wasn't allowed bars either until day 4... we were allowed to order three in the first week, and it didn't do me any harm either... but having them throughout week one is a bit much I think... anyway...

Had a vanilla and coffee for breakfast - first time in a few months as I'd started to go off them, but it was gorgeous!! Not sure how people stomach it with a sweetner in as well - it is far too sweet as it is (or is that just me, hehehe)...

Hope you are all enjoying the flavours, newbies :D


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