Foot Spa Foot Spa Yeah


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My lovely hubby bought me a foot spa today as a treat for losing 2 stone and its lovely jubbily.
My feet are looking better already after one go it has all sorts of massagey bits and a heat pad for sore heels.
It makes lovely bubble oh its so fancy.
Yay :D
This is the sort of motivational treatment you deserve, lucky you.
Admittedly I buy myself a new fragrance of perfume with each stone lost. I don't think it enters my hubby's head to buy me a prize although he can be great with supportive comments.
Still, buying clothes in smaller dress sizes is always a fantastic motivator too.

Enjoy the relaxing foot spa knowing you deserve it!
Oh how lovely! My husband wants to buy me some fancy underwear but I have convinced him to wait until I am a size 12 or 14!!!
Ooh Flopster - get some of those candy knicks that you can just throw away hehehehe (erm I read about them in a magazine...or