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? for all of you succesful dieters

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this section of the board and have a quick question for you.

I understand that you count calories, but do you also worry about the fat/sugar content in your food?
For example a 1/4 quiche is only 240 calories but has 16.9g fat in it. To me the fat seems like it would slow down my weight loss if I was to eat it but the calories don't seem too bad??

I'm confused as I was taking xenical a while ago which worked well for me, but on dr's advice was told not to take them anymore as we want to try for a baby now.

I want to lose weight at a steady pace without being really restricted but am not sure how to go about it.
What do all of you lovely ladies do?? Please help me :D

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I'm the same as xsarahx.

I count calories as a priority but also keep a little eye on the fat content.

I would probably have a small slice of quiche but bulk it out with loads of greens, and because of the high fat content I would not have anything high in carbs with the meal. Makes me feel like I'm balancing it out then!

Have a look at some people's food diaries on here, you can get some good ideas from how other people use their daily allowance.

Also I can definately recommend moving more, I have had nice steady losses since I began taking regular exercise.

Good luck with the calorie counting and I hope it leads to a little Woxywoo in the future!

Thank you both for replying! I'm off to look at the diary section now to get an idea of everyone's diet. :D

I am so sick of dieting that I have taken myself off the diet treadmill as such for a while. I have decided to eat what I want but in smaller portions whilst keeping an eye on the calories and fat.

I figured naturally slim people eat what they want but most likely in smaller portions than I have been used to so.... I'm just gonna try that!

I've been toying with the idea of joining a gym as like you say Lindsey, moving more means a better calorie deficit without the sacrifice of everything I enjoy eating. After all I need to get my body healthy and strong in order to conceive.

Thanks for the advice it's much appreciated :gen126:


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I count calories and make sure pretty much everything I eat has less than 4grams of fat and sugar in it cos it really shouldn't be more than that. I'm not sure how it affects weight loss but I usually feel like those foods aren't as filling. I'd rather have low fat high protein or complex carb instead cos it's more satisfying and kills my hunger.
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Hi Woxy!

I must admit, I only look at the calories. However, I don't eat junk. It's not even because I'm trying to be especially healthy - it's just that, the healthier the food, the more you can eat of it! For example, I'd much rather have a big bowl of salad with chicken than a single chocolate bar, even though they both add up to the same calories. So I think my fat content would be quite respectable anyway.

I definately second lindsey with regards to exercise. I find it quite hard to lose weight if I'm not active. Plus it makes it harder for your metabolism to slow down and your body to lose muscle if you're still hitting the gym or just jogging around your local.

Keep us updated on your progress!


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I only count cals
but i am very carefull that cals are not wasteful
so i very much doubt there's much fat in what i eat
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Same here. I only count calories, but soon learned that the lower the fat content, the larger portion size I was able to have! You are definitely right about the portion sizes - I've noticed my slim friends eat less (no seconds, no matter how scrummy pudding was!), and so I've started copying their portion sizes when we eat in company. What an eye opener it has been! Good luck on your journey x

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