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For all those planning on running...


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I've just discovered this website
you can download 'podrunner' tracks to ur iPod/MP3 player etc to work out too, all set out in order of beats per minute so you keep working out at a constant beat, but also there are some mixes that are designed to help you run 5k, 8k and 10k. i'm on week 2 of the 5k one its awesome!
its set out so you walk for 90 seconds to the beat and then run for 30 seconds to the beat and gradually builds up over a 10 week program. Each programme is 25 minutes and at the end you shoud be running the whole 5k!

I highly recommmend it!!
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I've also started using this and think it's genius - such a simple idea and so much better than continually checking your watch. The music's good, time seems to pass quickly and a really good workout! Magic!! Thank you!
Hi Im still doing the podrunner, Im up to week 4 now, this is when it starts to step it up (ha! ha!) but feeling good my goal is to get to 5k by my 30th birthday at end of May so provided I dont fall over again (twisted my ankle owch) I will just make it, if anyone is wanting to do some exercise and it all seems too complicated try this its fun and you make progress really quickly! by the way Im a size 16 (+) and very wobbly if I can do it anyone can - I wont be wobbling for long!!!


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good on you Prosecco, i heard yesterday that runing is one of the best exercises as you tone up everywhere quicker than any other sport. i hope its true.
i've gone from no running, and am now at week 8 - 30 mins running and its so surprising how easy its been just by sticking to the set timed runs, altho it some times takes me a few weeks to move on to the next pod runner week :)


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good on you Prosecco, i heard yesterday that runing is one of the best exercises as you tone up everywhere quicker than any other sport. i hope its true.
I believe swimming is the best toning exercise for the whole body :)


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I bought some trainers, downlaod the podcast, did it once, and then.... nothing. I make myself so angry, I always find excuses not to do something!
Evanesco, you can do this dont give up! Just trust that if you do it one day and then rest one day and do it again it will work, it's so hard to get motivated I've been on a diet for 14 years, Im approx size 16-18 and I can do 25 mins non stop running now (I look just like a baywatch lady as you can imagine! Ha! Ha!) seriously dont look at the whole thing as a nightmare challenge take 1 session at a time and you will get there! :)


I'm the tortoise.
Aww thanks, I'm kinda full on with my fitness regime at the minute, I've started pole dancing again, and on my rest days I'm doing my wii fit. I will start running again, probably more in the summer, but I'm doing enough at the minute to get my cardio back, then I sould feel better when I start running again.
I really like the idea of this! I can already run about 30mins non-stop before stopping so I was thinking of starting the 10k one. But there aren't any pavements around here and it's pretty dangerous on the roads (we've been asked to stop running due to 3 accidents, 1 serious) so we're pretty much stuck on treadmills. Do you think it could be just as useful on a treadmill?


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Hi everyone, glad to see you using podrunner intervals. I got to week 5 just before winter and have been toying with the idea of restarting. Reading your posts has encouraged me to, so I will. It really is a great tool to get moving!

Rori, I hadn't thought of using the programme on a treadmill but I think it should work just as well.

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