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For CDC's: Told to have chicken before workout?


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I just wanted to confirm something with a few councellors: my CDC today told me I could have Volvic flavoured water after week 1 and also a cup of tea with milk in in the morning (unless I was 'very' sensitive this wouldn't take me out of ketosis). So that's fab...but...

I work out heavily with a personal trainer twice a week and in January will start training for a 10k race, so this will up to 4 times per week...when I work out I work out to the extreme for just over one hour. My CDC has asked me to have some chicken breast before each workout and then an extra pack immediately afterwards. I'm happy to have the extra pack, and definitely think I'll need it, but wasn't sure about having chicken when on SS as this is going to get me thinking about food again.

Are there any other options? Is it right that I should be told to have chicken? The CDC said she didn't want me keeling over, which is what my personal trainer is also very worried about, but is there any way I can over come this? Anything I can say to my trainer to convince her not to leave me once I start this as she's not at all happy about me doing SS, in fact she doesn't know about SS yet, she just about said she could cope with the 1000 plan! eek

Any advice re the protein would be much appreciated - Joe
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If you are going to be doing that much excerise then you should not be SSing. You would not get the energy from Chicken as enery comes from Carbs. So the Chicken would not stop you from keeling over.

In my opinion you should be doing at least the 1200 plan with that amount of excerise. Deffinately not SS.

I would say no to the Volvic flavoured water and chicken if you are on SS.

However, each of us is different and your CDC will work with you to find the correct programme.

790 would be good if you are having chicken, however, I would still steer clear of the flavoured waters they can make quite a difference.



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S: 15st0.0lb G: 12st7.0lb
Thanks for your answers. I'm unable to follow a 1200 diet plan, I just don't have the willpower and have done 1200 cals before and have lost on average 1 pound per week, but have never made it past a month and have regained the weight within 2 weeks, so I know that isn't going to work for me to shift the amount of weight I need to lose: I need to lose 6 stones to get to my target.

I will steer clear of Volvic though and stick to the flavourings and look at the 790 plan, but I've tried this before on add a meal week when I did CD before and it was gruesome so I can't imagine I would stick to that either. My original plan was to just substitute breakfast and lunch with CD and have a normal evening meal...maybe I'll have to look at that option again.

I know when I was on LL I Used to get dizzy spells when simply sitting down, but was okay when I was training every day to be an aerobics instructor...although I had to stop eventually due to joint problems which my husband thought was down to not having enough nutrients due to the diet..mmm.

Any more advice? Thanks - Joe

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