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for my dinner im gonna have...

Mrs V

Loves Life!
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They all sound delicious! ...Im going to have my syn free lamb burgers with salad and 2 tbsp Hellmans extra light mayo....followed by a Mullerlite yoghurt!


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oooh i want your roast chicken now,actually i did some lamb chops last night with new potatoes tons of dry roasties,veg and mint gravy it was soooo yummmmyyy!!.I love a cooked dinner cause all you need to count is the gravy yet my husband hates a cooked dinner every night
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I just knick the chicken breasts and eat them with nothing else apart from some tomato ketchup, delish!

I LOVE lamb! Havnt had it for a while actually. Are they proper lamb burgers or the Quorn ones?


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I've had a beef and onion sandwich on brown bread (HEXB) just been up to asda and bought 450g of sliced melon (my new fav fruit) and two apples.
Dinner is going to be spicey lamb burgers with SW chips or a small baked jacket pot with salad.
Yummy :) x

Mrs V

Loves Life!
S: 21st7lb C: 12st5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 9st2lb(42.52%)
My lamb burgers are homemade hun. I posted the recipe in the section above.


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Sounds like lovely chicken and burger's night tonight for dinner.....I am having chicken salad.
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Mmmm making me hungry now! Lol... I am having steak with roasted veg and chips (Potatoes - HexB)


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They all sound yummy. I am having pork chilli noodles. I had it with beef last week and it was gorgeous. I just cover the meat with soy sauce and chilli flakes and leave to marinate in fridge for ten mins and then cook the egg noodles and stir fry the meat using fry light and chuck in all on a plate - delish.


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I'm having home made spicy meatballs with a tomato and courgette sauce (bit like ratatouille but no aubergine cos they are not big enough in the greenhouse yet!!) and a big salad.

Can't wait for it! I love food :)


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its my WI night so i always have what i famcy when i get back so i think im having carbonara (10 syns) howveer its a taster night and ive made a quiche to take in so i might be full anyway


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star week

im due on and im starving!!!!.im not wanting anything crap but keep ramming fruit down and a bottle of flavoured water,dunno if im hungry or eating for the sake of it lol,anyone else feel like this when there due star week


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Were having Mushroom risotto (h/m) and roasted chicken (syned)


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Im having quorn sausages with mash and veg with some gravey! X
Meeeee tooooo! I want it now tho, and my duvet...I'm poorly!

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