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For people who are thinking about giving up...

If you're thinking about giving up because you keep messing up, you think you'll never lose weight, you miss certain foods etc...I plea with you, please don't you can do it.
I have been a serial dieter for 10 years, I have gained 3 stone during that time and diets haven't worked for me. For the first time I have actually lost some weight on a diet, that is slimming world!!
I have messed up so many times, not just the odd days but for a week at a time! I have been close to giving up so many times. But each time I have picked myself up and carried on. I have lost 10 pounds since just after Christmas and if you look at my diary you'll have a full appreciation for how many times I have fallen off the wagon and then got back on.
If you fancy eating something naughty try and make a sw equivalent first, check out the recipe forum and you'll find a sw equivalent for nearly all foods both savoury and sweet.
And if you're close to quitting, come on this forum, have a moan and let others help you through it with their support and advice, people on here are great.

If anyone else wants to add their thoughts to help others who are struggling please do xxx
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Thank you so much for this, it was just what I needed as I have been feeling like this today, thinking maybe I'm just supposed to be this weight and to accept it and that I just can't do it.

Like you said though, I will get tomorrow out the way, chase that wagon and jump straight back on it.


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What a good post! You sound as if you're really cooking on gas this time.

Lady A

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Good on you girl....it's the lovely people like yourself that have helped keep me on track. Hope you have a fabulous weekend and I'll definitely be reading this again and AGAIN if I ever have the urge to have a binge.

What a great post Josiecat - and such good advice!

I too have batted about from diet to diet over the years, and have piled on the weight after having my gorgeous babies, but 2011 will be a year for me!!

The way I am viewing slimming world, is that its not a diet for me, its a change to the way I am eating - AND its for the long haul - its not a fad, if i want something there is nothing to say I cant have it - you have to be realistic dont you?? Life goes on, there are meals out, half terms, nights out, kids parties etc - I know how i work, if i feel deprived then i get grumpy and then i lose motivation, but sw gives you the opportunity not to be devrived and thats why I know its the plan for me

I am very relaxed about it, and I think thats the key for me, I am putting zero pressure on myself - Yes I want to do this really badly, and I will, and I will do my very best - I am taking it seriously but relaxed too if that makes any sense?? It does to me, but thats not saying much :D
I felt like giving up a couple of weeks ago , i felt like i'd lot re-gained and lost the same three pounds forever, i'm glad I didn't though cos I pushed a little harder through my blip and am losing slowly but surely again. I also realised that it was worth going to groups because I would miss the new friends I've made. I have also found that the past few weeks I don't feel so stressed about food every minute of the day , like I have finally found my SW groove.
Great post as we all feel like this so often.I am losing very slowly and had a big clothes try on this morning.......enough to make me want to bin my wardrobe BUT my daughter says i look thinner and to keep going.I have just a stone to lose and it seems SO VERY HARD.I lose 1/2 to 1 pound a week if that!But I am losing so I will keep on the wagon.This forum is wonderful to support those bad days that we all feel from time to time SO do not give up!Get on here!!
well done for sticing with the plan and giving such great encouragement to all of us :)

Ela ine

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Great post hun, and well done on your loss xx
I'm pleased that everyone found it a bit useful and good luck with your weight loss. I am terrible at diets, I have been on sw for two months now and in total might have stuck to plan 100% on maybe one week, two at most lol and that was at the start of the plan. But there's no race to get slim, as long as you're moving in the right direction and making some progress you'll get there in the end, half a pound loss may seem like nothing when you get on the scales but even if you never lost any more than half a pound each week, that's still nearly 2 stone in a year. And I bet you feel in no way deprived of nice food to lose that half a pound each week!! :D Look at all the celebs who have lost loads of weight in a couple of months to pile it back on shortly after. At least with sw you are training yourself to eat better than you were before and no matter how long it takes and how many times you mess up, you're more likely to be the one who keeps it off in the long run.
I still have to pinch myself that I have lost 10 pounds, it sounds so silly because it isn't that much but it is more than I've lost on any diet ever and I'm not so disgusted at what I see in the mirror now. Plus the main thing is, I'm never hungry and have lovely meals and snacks to look forward to. I eat better than I ever did before, sw kebabs, sw style kfc chicken, sw recipe chocolate truffles.....
I think you're right about training ourselves to eat more healthily. I've been doing sw since December and lost 13lb so far. I'm feeling good about it but in the back of my mind I'm thinking 'when I did weightwatchers core plan I lost my first stone in about a month'. I have to remind myself that when I did WW I wasn't happy - I never let myself go out for a meal, I didn't have dessert and badly missed cheese, bread and chocolate. I lost all of the weight I wanted to lose but then went back to my old ways and started SW with twice as much to lose as when I started WW.

Now I'm doing SW I'm able to eat pretty much what I want with a few tweaks. I've been out for lots of meals and even allowed myself a few takeaways. I've made healthy choices with these, enjoyed my food and still lost every week since Christmas. I know that this is something that is a lifestyle change. While it's not a quick fix, it is a long term fix and that's why I know I'll stick to it and lose the weight for good this time.

I'm also loving minimins for recipe threads, syns help (I'm doing it from home & can't afford SW online) and general advice & support. I don't think I'd manage it without you guys.
Thanks for bumping this thread - I needed to read it today as I'm really struggling.

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